What Shoes I Wore Today


Bri …Circa (Joan and David). I reserve these for trade shows because they look professional and give me a little bit of height, while still allowing me to walk miles around an expo hall.

Meredith … Today I’m wearing my go-to flip-flop: classic black Havaianas. I’m not seeing clients today, so I’m in a casual mode at the office today. Havaianas are my favorite flip-flops – they are comfy and come in so many bright colors! As an added bonus in the spirit of the World Cup, Havaianas are from Brazil!

Kristi … I am wearing trust-rusty brown suede flats with gold accents. I have a few “go-to” ones that are both comfortable and casual. I work in the Silicon Valley, so flats are the norm here.

2 thoughts on “What Shoes I Wore Today

  1. Lu

    Hi! What brand are the suede flats with gold accents? Is the brand called trust-rusty? (I googled that term and nothing on point popped up.)

    1. Kristi Post author

      Lu, I found them at Payless Shoe source! I normally have trouble with their shoes–and they always seem to give me blisters, but these guys were a total steal! I got them on a whim, and they have become one of my “go-to” shoes. Unfortunately, I got them quite a while ago 🙁


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