Medicine Organization: How to File and Sort Health Products [Video]

When I’m not feeling well, I typically just want to lie down and do nothing. Even getting up to get a tissue or a glass of water seems like a tremendous effort. You know what else takes a lot of effort? Finding the right medication. Sifting through a box of boxes, pouches and packets with various cold and flu remedies can be frustrating.

Not anymore! Last week I was feeling quite well, so I took that burst of energy and reorganized my medicine box. No more hunting around for what I need; it’s all labeled clearly and within easy reach.

Watch the video to learn how I organize my medication.

I hope you find these tips are helpful. How do you organize your health and wellness products? Let me know in the comments below. We learn by sharing!

Be well!

2 thoughts on “Medicine Organization: How to File and Sort Health Products [Video]

  1. Sandra Sauer

    Loved this video – want to organize my girls medicine/linen closet and needed a direction on where to go… I also like the idea that you have each product in a labeled baggie- this way you know when you need to purchase more of a certain item.


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