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This summer has been a busy one for me! I’ve had the chance to play jetsetter with many memorable travels including trips to Texas the wedding of two dear friends, the Grand Canyon for my boyfriend’s family vacation, Figure 8 island in North Carolina for my family vacation and the wine country for a bestie’s bachelorette. It’s been a whirlwind of adventure and fun! Throughout my many summer travels I’ve been collecting tips and making mental notes to ensure comfortable, smooth and anxiety-free travel. Hope you find these helpful!

1. Always leave a clean house. For me there is nothing worse than returning from your travels to dirty dishes in the sink or an overflowing hamper. I always try to leave my house clean, neat and tidy so that my only chores upon return include unpacking and laundry from my trip. It also gives me peace of mind to know my home is clean while I’m away and will be clean when I return!

2. Prior planning for your carry-on bag. Be an efficient packer by thoughtfully packing the items you will need for the airport and while on board your flight. I admit to previously over stuffing my carry-on bag with everything except the kitchen sink! Over the years, I’ve realized the flaws of this and have worked to only pack the necessaries. My carry-on items include: wallet (double check for your ID), cell phone, iPad, charger for electronic devices, eyeglasses and sunglasses, day planner, notebook and pen, magazines, a book, hairbrush, granola bar or light snack, and water bottle (to be used once I get through security). Avoid over packing your carry-on—this will eliminate the endless search of digging through your bag!

3. Pack a small travel or cosmetic bag for airport and in-flight essentials (to pack in your carry-on). Having a small bag will keep smaller, loose items from getting lost in your carry-on and make for easy access. My airport and in-flight essentials include: hand sanitizer, hand moisturizer, lip balm, Advil, extra contact lenses, eye drops, hair ties and bobby pins, hairbrush, travel toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, gum, tissues, earplugs and earbuds. I suggest using travel-sized when possible!

4. Place all shoes in airtight Ziploc bags or shoe bags to protect and minimize odors. Let’s face it…well worn shoes can be dirty and smelly! It is best to protect all items in your suitcase from odors and unnecessary bumping around.

5. Dress in layers. So often, I’ve been victim to too-hot or too-cold, so I suggest wearing layers to maximize potential for comfort. More often, I find that airports and planes can be chilly (or even freezing), so I suggest bringing a lightweight scarf or sweater (even in the summer months or if you have a warm weather destination ahead). For long flights, I pack socks and a small blanket as well. To me, being a comfortable temperature is a must for traveling, so I always plan ahead!

Check out some of my carry-on essentials!

Check out some of my carry-on essentials!

I love traveling! Whether I’m traveling to visit friends, explore a new city or spend time with family I’m always eager to pack-up and go. And with these tips in mind, I’m sure to have a comfortable, seamless and worry-free flight so that I can enjoy my destination. I’m always looking for my travel tips and suggestions, so please share yours with me! And most importantly, happy traveling!

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  1. Mary Anne Anderson

    Yes – Yes, Meredith. How strongly I second all your suggestions!! I’m so glad your summer was terrific.
    Have a good academic year ahead!


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