What’s My iPhone Accessorized In?

With all the hype over the launch of the Apple’s newest products, retailers are scrambling to get cases and accessories on the market! For some people, a cell phone case is a way to express yourself with the colors of a favorite designer or even a picture of family, friends or a pet. For others, it’s a NECESSITY to avoid continuously paying to have your iPhone glass replaced (Can you say Otterbox?!?!). What do you consider when you accessorize your smart phone?


Kristi … Normally a Kate Spade girl, I could not resist this adorable Lilly Pulitzer case. Even though we are moving into Fall the bright colors remind me of Summer (my favorite season). I drop my phone continuously so I need something sturdy and this hardshell case does an excellent job keeping my phone safe.

Bri …My iPhone has no extra cover. While it does have some unfortunate cracks in the glass, I’m not ready to cover up the beautiful industrial design! : )

Meredith … My phone is accessorized in a Kate Spade hardshell case. Similarly to Kristi, I am notorious for dropping my phone, and the hardshell case protects it from cracks and scratches. And when it comes to designs, I think Kate Spade is the best! I love my black and gold sparkle shell – the sparkle definitely adds a POP!

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