Hello 2015: Let’s Get Organized [Printable Calendar]

Happy New Year, Triple Knot readers! We hope that you had a relaxing holiday season with family, friends, food and fun!

Now that we have all had a week recover from the holidays and New Year celebration, it’s time to get organized for the New Year! For many of you, this involves setting resolutions of eating better, working out more, saving more money or learning a new hobby.

I have a slew of goals for 2015, but one important resolution for me this year is to continue to stay organized and to focus on achieving a balance between all my obligations. My husband and I are often times going in a million different directions. We rely on Google calendar to do the heavy-lifting on syncing our schedules, but every weekend I like to write out the high-level activities that we have on a printable calendar on our fridge.

Even if we’re running around the house, we never fail to make it to the fridge, so having a visual of what we have going on has helped us stay on the same page.

TK 2015 Printable Calendar

While I’m a firm believer that everyone has to find the calendar system that works for them, we certainly invite you to check out our 2015 Triple Knots Printable calendar.

Happy Planning!

2 thoughts on “Hello 2015: Let’s Get Organized [Printable Calendar]

    1. Kristi Post author

      Excellent! So glad you like it. We tried to keep the style clean, so there’s plenty of room to write in your calendar notes. Enjoy!!


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