New Year. New Resolutions.

The beginning of the year often prompts discussions of resolutions for the year ahead. We think about the promises we want to make to ourselves and the prospect of potential that lies ahead. The start of a new year often ignites new resolutions, promises to break bad habits, potential for new traditions and perhaps a spark for a new beginning. In the spirit of starting 2015, we are sharing our new year’s resolutions with you!


Bri… I didn’t set any resolutions for myself this year. I’ve found that when I did so in the past, my new commitments would fall to the wayside after about a month. What I have noticed, though, is that since I started on my ‘eat clean(er)’ journey in 2006, my entire lifestyle has taken a turn for the better. For me, it’s not about refreshing every January, but making slow and steady changes when my mind and body are ready. It has taken me almost a decade of baby steps to wean my body from craving meats, white carbs, and fried foods. I’m not going to lie: it wasn’t easy, but it is do-able. If you’re encouraged to eat cleaner this year, I’d advise you to be kind to yourself. Sometimes there will be those ‘fall off the wagon’ days, and guilt and shame might ensue, but I think it’s important to stay positive, drink a glass of water, and move forward. Regardless of whether you choose to set a resolution, I wish you the best in your 2015 adventures.

Kris… I have always been a goal-motivated personality type, so New Years is such a great time for me to take inventory on what I want to accomplish in the New Year.

One of my resolutions is to increase my daily water consumption. I tend to be really good at water consumption on days that I have high intensity work outs. The other days…well I have some room for improvement. My partner-in-crime? My trusty rusty Camelbak 1L Eddy water bottle. It’s got a great capacity and is spill-proof, so perfect for my on-the-go lifestyle. When I’m fully hydrated I feel more energized and see a noticeable change in how healthy my skin looks.

I am also planning on trying to travel a bit more this year, including a roadtrip to a few Southern states and a hopeful hiking adventure in Utah’s national parks. My husband and I also plan to hike Mount Tallac–a 3,500 foot ascent with a rewarding view of Lake Tahoe.

Lastly, I want to teach myself to “not sweat the small stuff” and focus on maximizing my time with positive energy (and positive people!). With a busy work day and lots of commitments, I find my schedule is often stretched, so I want to make the most of my free time with my family and friends!

Mere… I have two resolutions for 2015. First, I am making a commitment to a healthy life-style. This goes beyond the typical “lose weight” resolutions of years past to include a balanced plan for healthy eating and exercise. I am committing to making smart food choices (most of the time – a life without sweets is not worth it for me!) and working out at least once or twice a week (whether it be a spin class, a neighborhood walk or lifting weights in my living room).

Second, I am making a commitment to holding on to happy moments with family and friends. There are often times in life when I feel stressed out or frustrated by something small (and in hindsight insignificant) and I find myself becoming consumed by a negative state. Instead, I am going to challenge myself to stop and instead appreciative the positive and happy memories. Life goes by quickly and it is important to cherish and remember the special moments filled with love, happiness and laughter.

What are your new year’s resolutions? Please share them with us! Wishing everyone a healthy and happy 2015! Cheers!

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