My “OMG! I wish I had a…” kit!

So often I experience moments when I catch myself saying “OMG! I wish I had a…” random item that I don’t have. Whether it’s hot outside and I need a hair-tie or have a headache and I need an Advil, there are many moments when I find my ‘usually prepared self’ feeling unprepared. In order to solve this dilemma, I decided that I needed to create an “OMG! I wish I had a…”kit, which would include all the essentials that I so often found myself missing.

For me, I experience the majority of these moments while driving in the car, so I decided that creating this kit for my car would be the most helpful. I found a small cosmetic bag that I wasn’t using and made sure that it was compact enough to fit in the glove box of my car. Sure enough, it fit and so began my kit! I started by taking inventory of commonly needed items (hair ties, Advil, Band-Aids, pens, Tide-To-Go sticks, to name a few) and then searched my house to see which of these items I already had in stock. I was pleased to realize that much of what I thought I needed I had on hand.

Over the next few days, I kept note of my, “OMG! I wish I had a…” moments and started adding to my list. There were a few items I needed to take a trip to the store to purchase. That being said, I was happy to make this dedicated shopping trip, in order to avoid getting stranded without something I needed.

After my personal reconnaissance, I consulted Pinterest to see if I was missing anything. Of course, Pinterest reminded me of a few additional items for my kit—thank you Pinterest Pinners out there!

My finalized kit now includes the following items:

  • Hair ties and bobby pins
  • Band-Aids
  • Nail clippers and file
  • Chapstick
  • Tide-To-Go sticks
  • Mini lint roller
  • Small notebook and pens
  • Spare change (coins for those old-school parking meters that don’t accept credit cards and dollar bills for tipping the valet)
  • Advil or other headache reliever
  • Dental floss
  • Small/travel sized tissues
  • Feminine products
  • Flashlight (with spare batteries)

As I created my personal “OMG! I wish I had a…” kit, I determined that there were a few additional (and larger) items that I should consider having available. These items, more along the lines of “in-case-of-an-emergency” could easily be left in my trunk.

So, off to Home Goods I went in search of a mesh storage container (I determined that a sturdy, yet see-through container was the way to go). For under $10.00, I found the perfect container to store a roll of paper towels and baby wipes (always best to be prepared for spills!), an umbrella, a first aid kit, an additional flashlight, scissors, duct tape, an extra bottle of water and an old-fashioned paper map. These are items that I don’t anticipate often using, but believe might come in handy from time to time!


Since I finished my “OMG! I wish I had a…” kit, I’ve already broken into it several times, and each time I breath a small sigh of relief, thankful to have the item or items needed. While I created my “OMG! I wish I had a…” kit for my car, one could certainly create a similar-type kit for a purse or work-bag, travel or carry-on bag, or anywhere else that one might need.

Do you ever have those moments where you wished you had something you didn’t? I certainly hope I’m not alone in this. I hope this post inspires you to create an OMG! I wish I had a…kit of your own! Have fun!

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