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We’ve all heard the saying about not arriving to a party “empty-handed.” This is a mantra that I have adopted for all the formal and informal get-together that I attend. It goes without saying that there are plenty of ‘go-to’ options to bring for a dinner or brunch—a bottle of wine always seems to please and a bouquet of fresh flowers brighten up your host’s home, however lately, I’ve really challenged myself to think outside of the box on what I pull together for my friends and family.

This month, my husband and I joined two other couples that live in our neck of the woods for our monthly “Supper Club” dinner. While we don’t always end up eating together monthly, we love having this time to catch up with our local friends, share a meal and rotate to each other’s homes. If we’re having dinner, our events tend to go into the late hours of the evening and often include tons of dishes—both cooking and serving! We all do our part to try to lessen the load of ‘clean up’ but each couple always ends up spending extra time after everyone has gone home doing the dishes. This month, I decided that I wanted to do a “Morning After” themed hostess gift—complete with a few casual essentials to give my friends a break on the morning after their dinner party to relax in their jammies and enjoy breakfast.

After thinking a bit through what I could make the day-of and plan to have my friends eat the morning after, I settled on a batch of scones, a jar of marmalade and tea for two.

My morning started with whipping up a quick batch of scones. I’ll be honest, I often make scones from scratch but after a particularly long work week that left me with quite a little free time, I decided to use a packaged mix. The mix that I chose was an organic mix with citrus and cranberry—and it was delicious (I snuck one of my test scones as a snack). Not a scone person? Consider a delicious muffin recipe or even a seasonal breakfast bread.

Hostess Morning After 1

Next, I grabbed a jar of citrus marmalade while picking up the last-minute items that I needed to bring to Supper Club. One day I hope to learn how to make my own jams and preservers, but in the meantime, there are lots of options at your local grocery stores with interesting flavor profiles.

Hostess Morning After 2

The last component that I wanted to include was some sort of beverage. I thought hard about how to bring coffee into the equation, as I know my friends are avid coffee drinkers. Depending on your host, you could consider including Keurig coffee pouches or even a small gift card to Starbucks. In my case, I wasn’t quite sure if our friends had a Keurig and knew that there wasn’t a Starbucks completely near to their home, so I ended up having including two bags of Tazo tea, which I hope they ended up enjoying.

Hostess Morning After 3

Lastly, I put together a handwritten note thanking my hosts for having us over, and packaged the whole ensemble into an adorable brown box that I found at my local crafts store (fortunately everything fit quite well!).

Hostess Morning After 4

In all, this hostess gift took a bit more effort than just grabbing a bottle of wine, but it was quite fun to put together and my friends were so excited to have their “breakfast in a box” the next morning!

Hostess Morning After 5

We love creative hostess gifts and would love to hear your ideas on what you like to bring to your get-togethers.


8 thoughts on “Morning After Hostess Gift

    1. Kristi Post author

      Of course! Yes, it’s a great way to bring something homemade/semi-homemade, but also treat your hosts to a little relaxation after a big evening get-together! Lots of great ways to weave in seasonal touches, as well!

  1. Meredith

    Kris, this is such a great idea! You have totally given me inspiration for upcoming hostess gifts! Such a special, creative and personal idea.

    1. Kristi Post author

      So glad to hear! Yes, it was really fun to break away from some of my standard hostess gifts. We have these dinners on a regular basis, and when it’s my turn to host, I know the last thing I want to do the next morning is pull out all my pots and pans for a big breakfast!

    1. Kristi Post author

      Thank you! Yes, I hope to incorporate this idea a bit more into the upcoming winter holidays! There’s always so many parties and get-togethers to go to!


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