Gift Wrap: Our Top Tips!

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday behind us, we’d like to share our favorite gift-wrapping tips for this holiday season!

BriWatch this short video for my favorite quick tip when it comes to wrapping gifts, which is how to avoid the awkward twisty bump that can occur on the bottom-side of the package when wrapping around with a ribbon.

From this:


To this:


Watch this!

Mere … Just as much as I love wrapping presents, I love writing corresponding messages. To me, there is something extra special about giving handwritten cards and notes, especially considering the digital age that we are in. Writing your holiday cards and gift tags by hand may take extra time, but I believe it is time well spent as it gives your gift a personal touch.

Several times I have been told that my handwriting looks like a “font.” While I certainly acknowledge that my handwriting is clear, clean and neat, I’m not sure if it falls into the “font” category, but I will absolutely take this feedback as a compliment! Ever since childhood, I have always worked at my penmanship. In elementary school, this meant that I was a slow writer, but now, this means that I take time to write careful and thoughtful handwritten notes.

Whether you are writing a clever and quirky message, or a personal and heartfelt sentiment, seeing handwritten words on the page makes for a personal, warm and cheerful moment! Even if you don’t have the best penmanship, take time to be as legible as possible, and don’t forget…it’s the thought that counts!


Kris … OK, here’s a secret revealed—I’m NOT quite as gifted when it comes to present wrapping as my two co-authors 🙂 but l do enjoy it! I really don’t tie the best bows, nor do I spend as much time finding the exact present/ribbon combination to wow.

That being said, I love wrapping presents and one of my top tips is to focus on finding a good container (box or bag) for the gift that you are wrapping. It’s so challenging to do a good wrapping job when you’re struggling to get your item into a container that just doesn’t work. Always plan for a container that is just a tad bit larger than what you think you will need—tissue paper can do wonders to fill in the gaps.

Also, while we all love the idea of that beautiful squared-off edged box of a quintessential holiday gift—consider gifts bags, especially if you are traveling for the holidays. Stores are making beautiful gift bags (not just cheesy reindeer options) and gift bags are perfect for laying flat in your suitcase until it’s time to assemble at your destination.


Whatever your preferred method for gift wrapping, we hope some of these tips are helpful!

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