DIY Holiday Card Display

One of our favorite aspects of the holiday season is receiving cards with merry wishes from loved ones! We enjoy seeing photos of family and friends, from near and far—whether a particular moment or a collage of photos, holiday cards keep us feeling connected during the hustle and bustle of the season.

It is special to us to display these cards in order to enjoy them all season long! There are many creative ways to showcase holiday cards—not only does a display allow you to enjoy the cards, but also contributes to ones festive home décor! In years past, we’ve hung cards from the mantle, fanned cards in a bowl, and propped cards throughout garland—this year we each wanted to do something a bit different for our DIY holiday card displays!

What you need:
thick ribbon, heavy-duty tape (I used duct tape), ribbon for bow topper, mini clothespins and scissors.
Follow these easy steps: First, I measured a piece of thick red ribbon (from Paper Source!) from the top of my kitchen cabinets vertically to the floor. On the backside of the ribbon, I taped the top and bottom, using my heavy-duty duct tape, to the cabinet surface. I then created a “loopy bow” (from Save on Crafts) for the top of my card display. I must admit I had a big vision for this bow; however, I’ve learned that bow-making is not as easy as it looks. Although my bow didn’t match the picture exactly, I was pleased enough with the outcome. I again used my heavy-duty tape to affix the bow to the top of the ribbon. Once cards started to arrive, I used mini clothespins to attach the cards to the ribbon. Each time I pass my DIY holiday card display, I smile at the photos, pleased that I created a showcase for the cards I have received!

What you need:
twine or a thin ribbon, thin nails/hooks, a ruler, mini clothespins and scissors.
Follow these easy steps: This project starts with the small nails/hooks from which you will need to hang your garland. Bear in mind that cards can get heavy, so tape will likely not work for this project. Using your ruler, add these evenly across your mantle (Tip: We used really small nails and have kept them permanently in our mantle. They’re so small and barely noticeable, but make it so easy to decorate seasonally). Tie your twine/ribbon to one of your nails, and measure the ribbon across to the opposite nail. (Tip: The weight of the cards will make your display drop, so compensate by hanging your twine/ribbon a bit higher). Secure the twine/ribbon and use your mini clothespins (check out the Dollar section of Target for festive ones) to display all your friends and family throughout the season.

Dec21_image2Bri… I like to display my cards among wrapped holiday gifts that have either been gifted to me or that I’m planning to give to others. I do not have a tree or other large holiday décor displays in my home, so this festive and cheerful corner makes a great temporary vignette for the season.

Dec21_image2How did you display your holiday cards this year? We are always looking for new ideas (maybe even to use next year!) and hope you’ll share them with us! Happy Holidays!

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