Our 2016 Tips for Home and Work

Though there are many things that us Triple Knot-ers share in common, getting organized is one of our favorites. Though we each have our own specific style, we like to exchange ideas and product recommendations. Organization in general, often becomes  a conversation topic in our get-togethers.

With all three of us being working ladies, our need to organize extends beyond our households and into our work environment. Today, we’re sharing our 2016 new ideas/techniques that we’ve adopted into our daily routines.

Kristi…Organization and becoming a more efficient individual always seems to make it onto my “New Year’s Resolution” list and this year was no exception. My day includes very little spare time, so I knew that I needed to keep brainstorming new ideas that keep me organized both at home and at the office.

At Home, I’ve incorporated two exciting new organizational techniques to my daily routine. The first is my dependency on my amazing Me and My Big Ideas Happy Planner.

Getting Organized 1

As some of you read in my post last year, I was previously organizing myself with a beautiful binder-system planner from Kikki.K. While I still absolutely their products, I found myself stuck between their medium planner being too small and their large planner being too large. In the end of 2015, I switched over to the Happy Planner system and boy has it been life-changing. I love the vertical columns of the planner layout and simplicity of the disc-bound system. The disc-bound system allows me to easily insert workout charts, recipes, and seasonal items, which has allowed the Happy Planner to become the hub of my organizational system.

While I also carry and use my Happy Planner at the Office, a major addition to my work organizational system has been using One Note, Microsoft’s electronic note-managing system.

Getting Organized 2

Here’s a secret, I’m old enough that when I was in high school/college, we mostly used good old paper and pens to take notes. I know that’s not the case now, and a lot of students are using tablets and note-taking programs, but for me, One Note was completely new. At the office, I find myself hooked into my laptop about 90% of my day. As such I really liked the idea of centralizing my notes, and decided to check out One Note.  After a little bit of trial/error testing, I’ve found that the program has really changed my day. Each day starts with a new page (dated, of course), and on that page goes “To Do” lists, meeting notes, links to documents I’m working on—you name it! Any text that is typed is searchable, though I typically just search for the page based on date, and you’re easily able to take photos from your smartphone or a notebook (if you don’t have your laptop) and insert them into your electronic note page. It helps control my work chaos and relives stress

Meredith…Balancing work, wedding planning and life has been quiet the juggle recently. With less than 50 days to go until the big day, I’ve found myself feeling swamped and pressured to complete the never-ending to-do list. In 2015, fellow Triple Knot-er, Kristi, shared an organizational strategy with me that I’ve been using ever since. In an effort to remember all that needs to get accomplished, I use a small notebook to jot down task items and cross them off when completed.


This is so simple, but truly sane keeping. So often an action item will pop into my mind, and rather than jotting it down on a post-it (a past, and most often ineffective technique), I add it to my notebook. Having a notebook helps me to organize my to-do list and also provides a visual space for reminders and planning. In addition to a to-do list, I also keep track of upcoming birthdays, ideas for future holiday gifts and other notes, such as a name or phone number. This strategy has been so helpful that I have adopted it for work as well. On my desk now sits several notebooks—one for meetings and work to-do’s!March7_image1


Bri… I am fortunate to have the opportunity to work from home several days per week, so my contribution to this post is a combined Home and Office tip. My home “cloffice” (aka. .closet office) inside my guest room has undergone a mini renovation. More than a year ago, I took a photo of my workspace. Although it was pretty (or, in some people’s eyes, perhaps not…), it wasn’t functional. When my sister stayed with me, she gave me some great feedback that while the bed was comfy and the towels fluffy, she didn’t have enough surface area to put things down.

Getting Organized 6

Here’s a shot of my cloffice during work-mode this year:

Getting Organized 3

While there are many things about this reconfiguration that I love, today I’ll draw your attention to a little white box that’s just to the right of my computer mouse. That box is decorative and empty. Empty is the keyword. When guests are staying in my home, that little box becomes a container for my mouse and wrist pad, which helps me quickly tidy up the desk so that my visitors have more surface area to use however they please.

Getting Organized 4

I also prop up a mirror on the left-hand side of the desk area in case they (read: my sister ;)) want to use it as a vanity. Here’s a photo of my cloffice in ‘visitor mode’:

Getting Organized 5

My sister is visiting me again in early March. I hope she appreciates all the open desk space! (Lu, I look forward to your feedback!)

This “empty box” idea has potential to make its way into other areas of the home. One place I’m considering adding an empty box is in my entryway. Currently, I have my shoes lined up down the hallways because I like to be able to easily see the shoes, but if guests were to come by, I could toss them all into the empty bin for a bit. The major key: the empty boxes are still dedicated for holding specific items. Not random junk. This may not work for folks who like to have junk drawers, but if you’re a bit like I am – somewhat minimalist and low-clutter, then perhaps this will work for you!


We are feeling inspired by our new organizing tactics, but we’d love to hear more tips. If you have something you’re doing this year, leave us a comment below!

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2 thoughts on “Our 2016 Tips for Home and Work

  1. lu

    I very much enjoyed my stay at Bri’s welcoming guest room, and using her cloffice in “visitor mode” 🙂 All the extra desk surface space, handy mirror, and organized places to put my bags and things, made it a very cozy and wonderful stay. Thanks!

  2. Kristi Post author

    I agree Lu! The office looks so enticing! I may have to work from ‘home’ in Bri’s home one day 🙂


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