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Finding the perfect work bag has certainly been a bit of a journey for me. When I was first starting out in my career, I often just brought a purse to work as I didn’t have to carry a laptop or really any work to complete at home. As time went on, the amount of “stuff” that I found myself bringing to/from the office seemed to multiply—from laptops, to printed reports, extra electronic equipment and materials for events, my need for a major multipurpose bag increased rapidly.

Additionally, my current role has me operating out of two office locations and my home office, so every day I seem to pack the contents of my ‘desk for the day’ into my bag and on to the next location.

So what glorious carryall do I use?

Land’s End’s Large Natural and Gold Open Top Canvas Tote Bag ($42) – and boy have I been happy with it.



This bag is huge and can be stuffed to the brim. It has a few pockets and storage partitions that allow you to tuck a few key items away from the bulk of your belongings.


It also has a convenient keychain clasp, which is so helpful when you’re digging around in such a big bag for keys.


Also, did I mention you can have it personalized with your monogram for just $6! WEEE!


The bag easily accommodates my work essentials, including my work laptop and charger, lunch bag, multiple cell phones, wallet and sunglasses. The smaller items get tucked away in the pockets and partition areas for easy access, and my laptop fits nicely into the main compartment.


I also utilize a full-size plastic file organizer that I got from the Target sales bins. I originally would stuff whatever printed paperwork I was carrying home in my bag, but found things would get crumpled or misplaced. As such, I picked up this inexpensive organizer which I use to organize my paperwork based on project.


I also keep several zipper pouches in my work bag to keep smaller items that I need periodically. I found this to be especially important when you’re using a large tote bag, as the smaller pouches keep items together and easily organized.

This particular pouch (a Christmas gift from Meredith – yay Papersource!) houses a range of items including makeup, a mirror, lip balm and hand sanitizer.


I have another zipper pouch that I keep my smaller electronic items in, such as earbuds and a power charger bank. The one I use is actually a recycled makeup bag that I received as a freebie with a makeup purchase.


Even with all these items, I’m still able to throw a jacket and/or scarf over the top of the items, or a pair of flip flops to run errands in after work.


So far this bag has been a major fit for my current work lifestyle. The only drawback that I have found is the weight of the bag, when it’s really full. Over the past year, I experienced some challenges with my lower back, so during that time period I reverted to a backpack to balance out the weight that I was carrying on a daily basis.

Now that my back is rehabilitated, I’ve returned to my trusty rusty tote, but I’ve become mindful about minimizing how far I carry the bag, and often leave it in the trunk of my car when I get home from work, only grabbing the essentials that I need to bring into the house.

We Triple Knotters have found that selecting a good work bag relates completely to matching your daily routine. Stay tuned for an upcoming post where Bri shares her work bag and daily essentials!

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