About Us

We are three women on a journey toward a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Our Friendship was Est. 1998, and over the years has become a very strong bond that we refer to as a triple knot. Each of us has learned a few life lessons about health, home and style along our paths, and we’re looking forward to sharing them with you.

We hope you enjoy TripleKnots!


Brianna: Oakland, California is the beautiful city that I call home. My favorite time of the week is Saturday morning because I love waking up early and walking to my neighborhood farmers’ market to pick up produce and a green juice. In addition to enjoying my work in Corporate Communications for a tech company, I also like to listen to podcasts, salsa dance, and binge-watch Netflix. Most often, though, you’ll find me ‘relaxing’ by way of organizing or decorating my home. Looking forward to engaging with you through our blog (please feel free to comment and subscribe!), our Instagram (@tripleknots), Pinterest (/briwoon/tripleknots/) and YouTube (user/briwoon).

Meredith (Dec 2014)Meredith: I’m a Bay Area native who left (part of) my heart in San Francisco over 10 years ago. Building my life as a transplant in Los Angeles, I’m fortunate to have a lovely home with my fiancé in the hills of the City of Angels where I can entertain friends, cook, decorate, organize, garden and indulge my passion for fashion. Outside the home, I’m also passionate about my job. I’m a licensed clinical social worker at a non-profit mental health agency that specializes in promoting change in the lives of children. Friends describe me as preppy (with an edgy touch), a bit sassy, a sappy romantic at heart and hostess who always tries to be the “mostest.” I am inspired by my family and friends, and am excited about sharing my ideas and stories with you!

Kristi (Dec 2014)

Kristi: I’m Kristi, a Bay Area native, who loves the region so much that I never left! I love warm weather, Kate Spade, pets (especially cats), champagne, the color gold, and most any fried food. When I’m not commuting to my day job in professional services marketing, I enjoy spending time outdoors, hanging out with my Paleo husband (“The Caveman”), reading a variety of types of books on my Kindle, and watching reality TV (a major guilty pleasure). I focus on living a healthy and balanced life by monitoring my diet and sticking to a good workout routine. I look forward to sharing the things that I enjoy with you!