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Summer Workout Clothing Steals

For me, the biggest priority when it comes to selecting workout clothes is ensuring I have plenty of pieces. On average (not every week), I try to work out at least five days a week. Now I’m not saying each of those workouts are “sweat-driven-air-sucking-do-or-die” workouts, but I do try to stay fairly active. Due to the frequency of my workout routines (and until the last year, communal laundry facilities), I have always had the need to keep a full stock of workout clothes in my closet. I figured there are plenty of distractions that I have to fight to get outside and workout, but not having a clean set of clothes, shouldn’t be one of those distractions.

In my post-college years, high-end designer activeware giants like Lululemon and Lucy were becoming quite popular. Unfortunately for me, my 20-something salary really couldn’t afford one pair of $100 workout pants, let alone five! As a result, I started having to look for thriftier ways to find some of my workout staples.

Now that I have bridged over to the third decade of my life, my workout budget has expanded a bit, and yet, I’ve realized that there are a few key workout pieces that I wouldn’t rotate out.

Here are some of my budget-friendly staples:

  • Forever 21’s Basic Cami ($1.90) – That’s right you read it correctly, weighing in at just under two dollars is one of the core pieces of my workout drawer. Here’s why. First, this cami is extremely light-weight, and despite it’s cotton/spandex composition, it’s quite breathable. It also comes in about every color in the rainbow.

Workout Clothes 1

What I Wear it For? This is a major go-to for me when it comes to outdoor warm-weather activities–the style counterbalances the tan lines that I receive from a traditional racerback top. I also love using this as a layering piece for cold-weather activities.

Purchase Tip: I actually tend to purchase two sizes of this top. I buy up by two sizes when it comes to a running top. I like the extra space and prefer a baggier top. I buy up by one size when it comes to a top for indoor activities like a core workout or a yoga class.

  • Walmart’s Danskin Now Women’s Tank ($6.86) – I actually learned about this tank on a whim. Prior to our big trek up Mt. Whitney, we were loading up on some hike supplies at the local Walmart and I came across this top by the checkout counter. I didn’t even try it on. It’s such a comfortable top and has the dry-wicking composition which is essential for a sweaty workout.

Workout Clothes 2

What I Wear it For? This is by far my go-to top when it comes to a majorly sweaty activity. It truly dries quickly and has a form-fitting style, without being too tight.

Purchase Tip: Not near a Walmart? Consider buying this top online. At just under $7 it’s worth the gamble!

  • Old Navy’s 3” Running Short ($15.00) – I have several pairs of these running shorts and really love them. They’re a great length for my petite frame (a bit taller? Consider the 3.5” length) and come in a variety of colors. The fabric is also breathable and dries quickly, and let’s be honest we all live fairly close to an Old Navy.

Workout Clothes 3

What I Wear it For? These are my primary running shorts for the Spring and Summer. I also find them really comfortable for hiking and other outdoors sports.

Purchase Tip: Old Navy always has good sales, so take advantage of that extra percentage off and stock up.

  • Costco’s Addidas Ladies Three-Quarter Tight ($16.99) – These tights are one of my favorite workout staples because they combine the quality of the Addidas brand with the budget-friendly Costco price.

Workout Clothes 4

What I Wear It For? I love these tights when it comes to an early-morning run when the weather is still a bit crisp. I also plan to wear them as layer-paint on an upcoming high-altitude hike that I’m doing in a few weeks.

Purchase Tip: Costco can be tough since you really don’t have anywhere to try the pants on. Consider doing your best to guess your size and rest assured that Costco remains EXCELLENT when it comes to hassle-free returns.

Despite being completely open to saving a buck or two on some of my workout clothes, there are some fitness items that I am less comfortable purchasing at a budget price. Stayed tuned, as I plan to share those items in he future.

When it comes to workout clothes, everyone has their own style. Some people prefer less items but from higher-end designers. The most important consideration is if your workout clothes match your workout style and personal budget.

Do you have a budget-friendly workout staple? If so, we’d love for you to share!

It’s That Time of Year…Christmas Shopping (That Doesn’t Break Your Budget)

Christmas carols have started playing throughout the mall. Holiday dinner meals are being planned. The photo for the annual holiday card has been taken… And, special Christmas lists have been sent to Santa. Yes—Christmas is right around the corner. The holidays will be here before we know it, which means it’s time to begin Christmas shopping.

Although we’ve all sworn in the past that “this year will be the year I start my shopping early,” this year, we’re actually doing it. We want to avoid long lines and overly crowded stores filled with last minute buyers. Shopping early also allows time to more thoughtfully considered holiday gifting and prevents from the dreaded rush to buy something.

Getting an early start to holiday shopping also allows one to check out prices before committing. While we wish we could spend without limits for our family and friends, we all want to be conscious about our spending. We came together to share our favorite budget-friendly stores with each other and wanted to share them with you. So, here is this year’s guide to holiday shopping that doesn’t break your budget.

Kris… The older I get, the crankier I get when it comes to Christmas shopping. Sure it’s fun to wander around downtown San Francisco and look at the adorable kittens in the shop windows, but when you’re getting down to business and really looking to cross off the items on your list, it can just be plain stressful! As a result, I have become like most 21st century Americans and turned to online shopping.

This past year a good friend of mine introduced me to EBATES. All I knew is that it had some weird cheesy commercials talking about getting money back for spending money. It just seemed gimmicky. But after a brief tutorial, I learned that it really is that simple…you get money back for whatever you buy online. Sure it’s not that much 3% – 8% on your total purchase, but when you’re buying a lot, it really adds up! At a certain point EBATES sends you a check—yes a real paper check—in the mail and voila…money, money, money!

Consider checking it out—making an account is free. Beyond Christmas shopping, you can put things like an Expedia trip purchase (hello flights!), as well as purchases for regular items like makeup from Sephora or that cute pair of Uggs from Nordstrom.

Bri… One of my favorite stores for holiday shopping is Nordstrom. Known for its fabulous customer service, it makes holiday shopping (and subsequent returns and exchanges) less stressful. Plus, have you ever had a Nordstrom salesperson process a return with anything but a good attitude? I haven’t!

One of the main features of Nordstrom that I like is their price filters. For the budget-minded, they have an under $25 option and a $25-50 option, which supplies fabulous ideas if you’re trying to stay within a specific budget. Additionally, they offer free shipping on your online purchases, which allows you to avoid the holiday madness in the mall but not have to add minimum amounts of merchandise into your cart to avoid high shipping rates.

Lastly, they offer free in-store gift wrap. For the lazy or the rushed, this is a nice option. I love to wrap the gifts myself at home, so the salespeople have always cheerily just handed me the box and tissue, which I then gussy up with my own paper and trimmings when I’m having a gift-wrapping-party-of-one (hot chocolate steaming, seasonal tunes blaring) before the holidays..

Mere… HomeGoods is one of my favorite go-to stores for affordable designer items. From home décor to kitchen gadgets to gifts, I never leave empty handed. I was recently referred to TJ Maxx by a HomeGoods employee while on a hunt for a particular item, so I checked it out. I was surprised to find many designer items (hello adorable Kate Spade placements!) at discounted prices. And pleasantly, I found exact the item I was looking for. Once I found what I wanted, I couldn’t help but scope out the aisles. I saw great deals on brand-name and designer everything. From kitchen appliances to home and holiday décor to bathroom accessories – the store definitely lived up to its commercial slogan.

We hope we’ve inspired you to start your holiday shopping early too. And we hope you enjoyed our tips for budget-friendly holiday shopping. So let the shopping begin! What are your favorite budget-friendly stores and tips for saving during the holidays?