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Valentine’s Day Decorating

I have a personal motto to celebrate everything I can. It might sound kitschy, but I love holidays. Holidays are a time of happiness, a time of gathering together and sometimes an excuse to perk up an ordinary day. I don’t believe that holidays need to be a big deal—just a recognition of the moment. Maybe it is just an excuse to decorate, play dress up and bake sweets…but I make an effort to celebrate (even if in a small way) each holiday.

The first big holiday of the New Year is Valentine’s Day. This past Valentine’s Day is an extremely special one for me. One week ago, I got engaged. My fiancé completely surprised me when he popped the question and I must admit that it was the happiest moment of my life (so far). The past week has been a whirlwind of excitement, fun and (most importantly) love.

I’m definitely feeling the love this year, and in the spirit of St. Valentine wanted to share a few pops of festive fun that I incorporated into my home this Valentine’s Day. Even though Valentine’s weekend is coming to an end, that doesn’t mean you have to collect all your decorations already—I tend to incorporate a few items of décor that can be left out all year long.

Heart-Shaped Wood Bowls from The Little Market
I have had my eye on these hand-carved bowls for some time and with Valentine’s Day approaching, I decided that this was the perfect time to place my order. I instantly loved these heart-shaped Wild Olive Wood bowls from The Little Market. The Little Market is an online marketplace of artisans around the world. I know my purchase was not only a fun one, but also one that gives back to local artisans worldwide. These bowls are perfect for small snacks or sides, or for decorating, and they can be displayed all year-around.

Feb 16_image1Watermarked

Paper Heart Banner from Etsy
Last year, I ordered this red and white paper heart banner from Etsy. Etsy is a definite must for custom and unique finds. This simple banner is perfect to lay across a table, hang from a banister or in my home, drape from a mirror. The hearts are about 2 inches in height and add just the right holiday pop! Banners are a fun way to add a simple touch to your holiday décor – and as an added bonus they can most often be stored easily for years to come.


Festive Wrapping
I love wrapping presents (and not just because I’m good at folding corners and tying bows). I admit that I have rolls of wrapping paper for most holidays and celebrations – and of course ribbons and bows to coordinate. This year I wrapped a Valentine gift for my fiancé in white paper decorated with hearts, and tied the package with a cream burlap ribbon. The paper came from Home Goods and the ribbon from Michael’s Arts and Crafts – two of my favorites for crafting.


Here’s a tip: post-Valentine’s Day is the best time to pick up holiday-themed items—you will likely find many items on sale! Stock up and save them for next year!

Whether you celebrated with a special someone, a group of special someone’s or spent time solo, we hope you took this day to spread some love and feel some love! Hope you enjoyed your Valentine’s Day! xoxo

Simple Holiday Wreath

Knowing that I would be traveling for the holidays, I decided to keep holiday décor to a minimum this year (I couldn’t let the season pass without a few festive touches!). I switched our everyday couch pillows for Christmas ones and filled a clear vase with mini pinecones and faux cranberries as a centerpiece for the kitchen table. As I looked around my home, I instantly knew what was missing: a simple holiday wreath.

After scrolling through a few pins on Pinterest, I knew what I wanted to create: a boxwood wreath tied with a bow. I love the classic and natural look of this wreath—it has a slightly formal yet traditional look that is perfect for the holiday season.

I read many articles on the Internet about creating a boxwood wreath yourself from boxwood branches. If I had more time, I might have done this—but wanting to enjoy the wreath for as long as possible before jet setting off, I chose to purchase mine instead. I found my Boxwood wreath from my local Trader Joe’s (for only $10.99). After going and back-and-forth between winterberries and ribbon, I decided to add a festive burlap ribbon with red trim, tied in a bow (from Paper Source) for a holiday pop. I found that creating your own wreath décor is a great way of incorporating in your home holiday colors and offers creative fun!

Dec22_image1 Hanging wreaths can be bit tricky for me, as the traditional over-the-door hook does not work on my front door and I’m hesitant to hammer in a nail into the door as it will leave a small hole. This dilemma left me to multiple Google searches for “how to hang a wreath without damaging your door” but then my parents gave me the perfect solution.

Tap a small nail into the top of the door, leaving just a bit of the nail exposed (make sure the door can close!). Tie clear fishing string around the hook or handle or the wreath and tie the string around the nail. I made multiple knots to ensure it would stay secured.

I stepped back and admired the wreath—it was the perfect simple holiday décor. And the best part of this wreath-hanging solution for me is that I can put up new wreaths with ease throughout the year and leave my door clear with no hooks or holes.

Do you have a creative simple holiday décor ideas? If so, we would love for you to share them with us! Happy holidays!