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DIY Heart-Shaped String Art


As many of you readers know, I’m on a major 2016 mission to add seasonal décor to our home, and with Valentine’s Day on the horizon, I wanted to think about something simple that I could add to prep for the holiday. While I love the concept of Valentine’s Day, my husband and I tend to be quite low-key when it comes to celebrating the day. We might have a nice dinner together at home, find a local activity, or give a small gift — nothing too elaborate. I wanted our home décor to match that sentiment and focused on adding a few simple things to our common room areas.

While perusing Etsy, I came across the concept of a heart-shaped string art project and the sometimes-over-zealous DIYer inside of me was like, “Let’s give it a spin!”

Typically, I tend to read a few other blogs or craft sites to get the step-by-step directions, but this time, I decided I would just wing it!

The first stop was my local craft store, where I picked up:

  • An unpainted wooden plaque (Tip: Make sure you consider matching the thickness of your plaque to match your nails)
  • A package of ½ inch nails
  • Cotton Floss

Once home, I supplemented my newly purchased supplies with a few things I have in my craft stash. These include:

  • Acrylic Paint
  • Sponge paintbrush
  • A piece of cardstock
  • A small hammer
  • Ruler
  • Scissors + Tape

The first step was to get my unfinished wood plaque painted. Since this was my first try, I kept my plaque rather small, so painting a few coats of white acrylic was not going to take too long.

DIY Valentine's String Art 1

While the paint coats were drying, I made a quick stencil with my cardstock. Obviously if you have a pre-made stencil your heart shape will be perfect, but I was able to make a fairly-decent one from free-hand cutting.

I carefully outlined the heart on my newly-painted white plaque, and then started marking off even notch marks with my ruler.

Next it was time to hammer in my nails. As you all have probably come to know…I LOVE white and gold. As such, it was no surprise that I wanted gold nails, and I was lucky to find these adorable brass nails (similar here).

DIY Valentine's String Art 2

I found this to be one of the more tedious parts of the project, so I broke up the steps by switching off between measuring and adding the nails.

DIY Valentine's String Art 3

After a bit of time, I had my entire heart shape outlined in brass nails.

DIY Valentine's String Art 4

And it was finally time for the fun part! The string that I chose for this project was DMC Cotton Floss (see here) in a metallic gold finish (no surprise, huh?). I find this material worked quite well for the project, and most craft stores have this product in a huge variety of colors. If you’re looking for a more rustic look, then a thin jute string may also be a good alternative.

I tied the cotton floss on the base of my heart and slowly started working my way around the frame of the heart, looping the string around each nail before moving on to the next.

DIY Valentine's String Art 5

Once the outline was complete, I tied off the string, and then started a new knot (on a new nail). Next I continued to string my cotton floss randomly amongst all the nails.

TIP: Definitely consider tying off your string every 10 nails or so. You’ll find it becomes more challenging to keep the string tight, the more nails you loop.

Before long, I started to see the shape of the heart come together.

The one challenge that I did have was determining when it was time to stop stringing. I consulted my phone and looked at finished pieces on Google to get a sense of what I wanted my finished project to look like.

In all, I’m quite happy with the completed décor piece. I added it to a decorative tray that we have on a little bar area of our family room for the Valentine’s season. I love it so much that I may consider finding  a permanent home for this piece as part of our year-round home décor.

DIY Valentine's String Art 6

Happy Valentine’s Day readers!

Dollar Bin Snowflake Garland

The first year that my husband and I were in our new home, we were gearing up for our Fall wedding and honeymoon and then were whisked away to visit family over Thanksgiving and Christmas. This travel schedule left us little time to outfit our new home with much more than a few leftover decorations that we had acquired throughout our years of apartment living.

While we traveled for Thanksgiving and will be hitting the road again for Christmas, I vowed that this was the year to begin gathering a few decorations for our home. While growing up, my family would typically get together on a weekend afternoon and my Dad would drag out boxes of holiday decorations from our basement. We would spend the time together decorating the house and eating seasonal treats. While it will take some time to gather a several boxes of decorations, I’m looking forward to carrying on this tradition in our new home.

One of the items on my Wish List when we were house hunting was a fireplace. Sure it wasn’t at the top of the list, but it was certainly a home element that I was hoping we would find. Fortunately, I was in luck, and our current home has an adorable red brick original fireplace with a crisp white mantle, which is the perfect background for a seasonal garland.

It wasn’t until I started wedding planning (which basically means spending a whole lot of time on Pinterest and Etsy) that I became more familiar with garlands. I must say, they are one of my favorite decorating elements. They’re simple, but they add just the right touch of décor to set the tone of your theme.

…and I knew I needed one for my fireplace mantle.

No matter what, whenever I’m at a Target, I always swing by the dollar bin section. For whatever reason, the Target Elves always seem to stock things in these bins that I seem to need (wink). Earlier this month, I was perusing the section and came across some adorable wooden die cut snowflake ornament tags. The package included six good-sized snowflake tags and a good portion of rustic twine—and yes, the two packages cost me exactly $2. Immediately, my mind jumped to a garland. Could I make one out of these cute snowflakes?


When I got home, I googled a few similar garlands to get a sense of style. I decided that I wanted to keep this quite simple and ended up only needing to grab a ruler and a pen. I measured twine to get the exact middle point and looped my first snowflake to the marker, tying it off with a double knot.


Some quick and easy calculations later, I knew exactly how much space I needed between each snowflake, and continued stringing and tying until I had seven spaced evenly across my twine. NOTE: Be sure to leave a good amount of empty twine on the edges of your garland (especially if what you’re hanging is heavy), as it will help the items hang more evenly.


Voilà! In about ten minutes, I had an incredibly simple (and inexpensive, I must add) snowflake garland to decorate my fireplace.


The wonderful thing about making your own garland is you can customize the process. For example, I considered painting my snowflakes and adding in a dusting of glitter, but ultimately opted to keep them plain to match the rustic color scheme of this year’s decorations. Also, Target had a number of other die cut options, and craft stores like Michael’s, Hobby Lobby and Joann’s Fabrics carry entire sections devoted to die cut shapes, so the sky’s the limit!


Also, no matter what your level of sophistication is, when it comes to crafts, you can tackle this project and end up with a decorative product for your home.