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My Favorite 3…Non-Maternity Style Clothes for Pregnancy

Venturing into the new (and exciting) world of pregnancy has been quite the interesting journey! While I have never had a huge passion for fashion (or I could just admit that I’m just a little lazy when it comes to style) – your changing shape and size really does force you to evaluate your closet just a bit.

Finding clothes that fit my lifestyle, budget and style was a challenge for me. In the beginning, the items just seemed too big (i.e., items that were designed to accommodated a huge bump, which I did not yet have). The more forgiving non-maternity items seemed a little ill fitting. With all the other baby-prep items going on, it was also difficult to simply find the time to scroll through endless pages of online store items or to visit the mall; it just wasn’t high on the priority list of things to fit into my schedule.

When it comes to budget, I personally knew that my body was going to change post-pregnancy, and I was less interested in investing a lot of money in maternity clothes. Rather, I am looking forward to saving my funds to do a post-pregnancy closet update. As such, I focused on finding affordable options to get me through.

In particular, there were three “non-maternity” items for which I’m now a huge advocate!

Old Navy’s Fitted Crew-Neck Tee Dress for Women

I was introduced to this dress by a friend of mine. She wore it with a super cute necklace to an evening dinner and boy was I impressed. It was a perfectly appropriate length for a classy dinner or a warm office day and the material looked really comfortable (not too tight, not too loose). When I inquired on the brand she said: “Old Navy, on sale for $15.” That’s right, I ran to my computer the next morning and purchased the dress and pre-pregnancy it became one of my major staples.

During pregnancy, I was super excited to find that this dress remained a staple at Old Navy and yes ladies, it’s typically on sale ($10 to $27) and comes in a variety of colors. I bought the dress in two different striped colors and just sized up (from my pre-pregnancy size). Even as my little nugget started to grow outwards the dress has just enough stretch to accommodate and keeps its shape.

Target’s Mad Love Kasandra Sneakers

During this summer, I was on a major hunt for some super cute summer slip-ons, however after trying on a few options I was finding that my feet seemed swollen and a little larger that usual. Not wanting to spend time/money on something that may not be just right after baby arrives, I decided to pass on the investment for the time being.

While on my many Target runs throughout the pregnancy, I came come across the Kasandra sneaker ($22.99). It looked like what I was interested in, so I slipped it on and was extremely excited that it was both comfortable and fit my ever-changing foot! While I don’t expect they will last forever and I do still plan to invest in a new sneaker post-baby, this pair of shoes has definitely gotten me through the summer.

H&M’s Blazer Line

I am a huge fan of H&M’s blazer line (pre- and during pregnancy). First, they are always available in a variety of colors and have a classic cut. The material is comfortable and the price is affordable ($35 – $100). Blazers are a major staple for my style. I throw them over a cute basic cotton dress for a work meeting, or pair them with some skinny jeans for an evening dinner.

For me, my blazers continue to work well throughout my pregnancy. Sure they don’t fit quite the same as they did before I had a bump, but the open-button nature and the slightly longer cut allow them to fit with my changing shape.

While every body is different and how you adjust your closet varies, it was great for me to know that some of my non-maternity favorites could still work throughout my pregnancy. Maternity or Non-Maternity…the most important thing is that you are comfortable and supporting yourself through this special time in items that make you feel your best.

Organizing Camisoles

For many people, camisoles are a wardrobe essential and it’s easy to accumulate a collection. I’ve tried a few different ways for organizing camisoles. My favorite, by far, is on a belt hook.

Before I tell you why – I’d like to show you a few other options you could consider for your wardrobe based on your organizing style and preferences.

On Hangers

  • One hanger for every camisole. If you like to hang clothing and have ample closet-rod space, this could be a nice option for you. It allows you to easily see each camisole and its details such as color, length and trim. For my closet, though, this method took up too much rod space.
  • Camisoles organized by color, per hanger. This method lasted a few months for my closet. I love that it was more compact than the previous method mentioned, but I found that I wasn’t a fan of having to remove some camisole straps to get to another that was a layer or two deep. You may want to give this a try!

  • Camisoles on shower rings, all on a single hanger. I’ve seen on Pinterest and some other blogs that people love this method. I can see why. It’s a space saver, for sure. However, having to unlock the closure of the ring every time I wanted a camisole wasn’t a fit for my organizing style, so this method lasted about a week before I scrapped it. Given how popular this seems to be, it may work for you, so don’t knock it ‘til you try it!

Folded in Drawers

  • If you like to fold rather than hang, this could work for you. My only qualm is that this method makes it hard to discern the differentiators for each camisole such as the length of the top or if it has detailing such as lace trim. If I had more drawer space, I might consider this as my second favorite method, but the belt hook won out! Tip: consider separating the folded camisoles using a sock-drawer divider with labels for an even faster way to find the one you’re looking for.

On a Belt Hook

  • This is my winner (so far – never know what the future holds!). With this method, it’s so easy to see what I have and it’s super easy to take out each item and put it back. I keep this in my closet on the rod, but you could hang it somewhere else in your home, of course.

While you may think it’s trivial to spend so much thought and time organizing something as simple as a camisole, when you combine it with the other organization tools I’ve put into my wardrobe, getting dressed is a breeze, since a lot of the stress and guesswork has been taken out of the process.

What are some of your favorite things to organize for a more streamlined day?

Winter Fashion Finds

One of my favorite things about winter time is that even tucked away here in California, I’m able to pull out jackets and boots, scarves and sweaters. While we don’t experience snow in the Bay Area, it does tend to cool down just enough to justify getting a few fun cool-weather staples.

Hopefully you received all the goodies that were on your holiday wish list, but in the case that you’re looking for a few warm-weather articles to ring in 2016, I wanted to share a few of my favorite winter fashion finds.

One of my favorite and cost-effective purchases this season is Old Navy’s Frost Free Fleece-Lined Vest ($34.95). I am in love with the vest look and always find myself dreaming over the adorable vests that other brands come out with each season. However, many of the other vests that I covet come at an $80-$150 price point, which can certainly get a bit pricey. My Old Navy vest, pictured below in Herringbone Grey, was a nice alternative to the pricier options and came in an adorable (and versatile, I may add) color. Bonus points to this vest for being available in petite sizing.

Winter Fashion 1

My next purchase this winter has been a pair of Hunter Original Tall Rain Boots ($150.00). Luckily,  I  didn’t have to pay full retail due to an excellent sale at Costco that allowed me to nab these adorable boots in glossy black for a mere $79.99! Even at the greatly reduced price, these were still just a bit of a splurge for me because, let’s be honest, I live in California and not only are we in the midst of a major drought, but also it’s rare that we get so much rain that we need knee-high rain boots. That being said, they were just too cute to pass up and I’m hoping that my purchase will foreshadow a “rain-ier” 2016! What I love about these boots is their slim cut and comfortable fit!

Winter Fashion 2

Another major winter fashion staple for me is my UNIQLO Ultra Light Down Jacket ($79.99). While I actually purchased my jacket last season, this popular style is still available in stores and online. This jacket is an incredible find –it’s lightweight and portable (bundling into a small pouch you receive with your purchase), and the down filling gives you an instantaneous surge of warmth. I originally purchased this jacket to have something to throw on in my early morning commutes, but it has seen a lot more action than that by becoming a staple item that I pack when I travel. It’s also a great option for hikers, as it takes up very little space/weight in a backpack.

Winter Fashion 3

The final items that I want to share are the most amazing Merino Wool Trail Socks that I located at…wait for it…Costco! By now, you should know that I’m a HUGE fan of Costco. I was introduced to these socks by my Mom who is busily planning her packing list for a trip my parents are taking to Scandinavia to see the Northern Lights. While on her typical shopping trip she found these adorable merino wool socks. Since EVERYTHING at Costco comes in bulk, her purchase included a bit more than she needed, so she dropped off a pair for me.  (Thanks, Mom!) The socks are both warm and breathable, and I’ve been wearing them in my riding boots and Hunter rain boots. Oh, and did I mention they’re only $11.99 for a pack of four?

Winter Fashion Finds 4

I’ll be honest, while California winters aren’t quite the same as other parts of the world, we still love to dabble in cool weather fashion. Do you have a great winter clothing piece or accessory that you love this year? If so, please share in the comments below!