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Feeling Thankful

We often take for granted the smaller, both tangible and non-tangible, things in our lives. Especially in these winter months, with the hustle-and-bustle of holidays beginning, we forget to take pause and appreciate the important people, things and moments around us.

Thanksgiving is a natural prompt to think about what you are grateful for and an opportunity for you to share your thanks with others. This year, as you come together with your family and friends to feast and celebrate, we hope you will think about what you are thankful for.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we wanted to take a moment to share what we’re feeling thankful for this year!

Bri… I’m thankful for our readers! Thank you to everyone who supports our blog. It’s a fun project for us and we hope you’ll continue to get as much joy out of the content as we do putting it together for you. As always, we welcome your feedback on what you’d like to see more -or less- of in this blog. Thank you, again!

Kristi… I’m thankful for the time that I’m able to share with my best friends and blog partners, Meredith and Bri. Like our readers, our lives are filled to the brim with commitments and responsibilities (not to mention geographical barriers). Time is often hard to come by in our day-to-day schedules. The blog is not only a creative outlet for me, but treasured time where I’m able to connect with two of my best friends.

Mere… Love. This may sound cheesy, but it is completely true. This year, I am feeling especially grateful for the love I have felt from family and friends. With my wedding on the horizon, I have felt incredible amounts love at each celebratory moment. I am especially thankful for the love and friendship from fellow TK bloggers and high school bestie’s Bri and Kristi!

Thankful 2

What are you feeling thankful for? We hope you’ll share your gratitude with us!