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Pinterest Challenge: Happy Fourth of July

Holidays and celebrations have taken on a whole new dimension with the ideas that can be researcher and shared via Pinterest. However, we at TripleKnots have had our share of both successes and failures when it comes to executing our Pinterest-inspired projects.

As we sat thinking about a Fourth of July-themed post, I (Kristi) reached out to my fellow bloggers and challenged them with the idea of finding a Pinterest pin for their Fourth of July celebration that they could share with our readers. In addition to sharing our finds, it would become an opportunity for us to share how the project went. Was it as easy as the pinner made it out to be? Were there new tips that we found that could make it easier?

We had a lot of fun with this post, and hope to do future “Pinterest Challenges” in the future!

Mere… The 4th of July holiday is one of my favorites! It is a special time of year to celebrate our nation’s independence, and also enjoy festive foods and fireworks! This year, I’m celebrating the holiday with friends at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Cinespia sponsors movies in the cemetery, and this year we’ll be watching the appropriately themed, fan-favorite flick, Top Gun. As the evening falls, we’ll be enjoying a picnic-style potluck.

When fellow Triple Knotter, Kristi, initiated a “Pinterest Challenge”, I immediately accepted as a trial-run for our upcoming social gathering. Pinterest has become one of the best sources for celebration inspiration—from food, to décor, to attire, Pinterest has great ideas for holiday fun! I have saved many patriotic pins to the “Celebrations” Pinterest board over the past few years and instantly I began scrolling. I quickly found the perfect pin: “Patriotic Dipped Strawberries.”


These red, white and blue strawberries were fairly easy to make. Here are a few tips:

  • Use small bowls for dipping strawberries into your white chocolate and blue sprinkles—smaller bowls will allow for an easier dip into the chocolate and sprinkles and require less turning of the strawberries
  • Wait a minute before dipping the white chocolate into the sprinkles—when the white chocolate is still warm, you might struggle getting the sprinkles to set in place


Overall, I was pleased with the outcome and look forward to sharing them with friends tomorrow!

Bri… While I might try my hand at making some of the yummy treats that Mere and Kris have whipped up for this post; those would be fun additions to a firework-watching snack-pack! My work week was a little hectic, but I did manage to splice in some me-time mid-week: I went to my local nail salon after work, which doesn’t shut their doors until 7. Before I went to the shop, I scanned Pinterest for some festive nail colors to spice up my holiday weekend look. Some of the designs were very fun, but for my taste a bit too thematic to last several days beyond the holiday, so I went for solids. With closed-toed shoes and some classic gold jewelry, I think I can pull off the navy blue in the Silicon Valley office. Agree? Disagree? Let me know in the comments below.


Whether you choose to DIY or go to a salon, I’d say the difficulty level on this look is easy. Happy 4th!

Kristi…We have been on the go lately, so decided to lay low this holiday weekend and relax at our home. Since we didn’t have any big Fourth of July plans this year, I decided to be festive with treats for my (and my husband’s office). After a a quick scan of Pinterest, I locked in on the idea of doing a decorative Rice Cripsy treat (this mostly related to the fact that a good friend of mine makes the most amazing treats ever, and I wanted a good excuse to make batch for myself).

Fourth of July Kristi 1

What I loved about this Pinterest-inspired dessert is that it looks so easy/quick to make (and with just a few ingredients). The decoration portion ended up being a bit more challenging than I thought. Even after the treats had set, they were still fairly flexible. Combined with needing to dip the treats quickly – it proved a bit tricky!

The tricks that I used or would recommend, include:

  • When you’re making your treats, have all your ingredients measured out and in separate containers. Marshmallow gets sticky fast so you don’t want to waste any time measuring or looking for an ingredient.
  • If you’re going to dip your treats, try to compact them as much as possible. I used the leftover wrapper from my stick of butter.
  • Immediately throw your sticky containers in the sink with water. It makes it 100% easier to clean, later on.
  • Cut your treats narrowly. Dipping can be quite tricky with a large square.

Fourth of July Kristi 2

What I loved about testing out this Pinterest project is that once perfected, you can theme it for any holiday or celebration, which makes this a go-to project for any upcoming soirée!

We wish you a wonderful Fourth of July and would love to hear how you celebrated your holiday weekend! Please share your Independence Day stories and pictures with us!

This post is part of an ongoing series. Please check out all our Pinterest Challenge posts.

5 Ways to De-Stress

Life has many moments or long stretches of stress and chaos. Our lives sometimes feel filled with never ending to-do lists and problems to be solved. As a therapist, I always encourage my clients and colleagues to take care of themselves. It is sometimes harder, though, to practice what I preach to others. With the additional – exciting! – adventure of wedding planning this year, I know that I will need to be extra conscious of taking moments for “me time.” Here are my favorite ways to de-stress. I hope they inspire you to think about yours!

Manicures and pedicures are my go-to for a bit of pampering. I enjoy the warm soak, the grooming of my nails and the fresh coats of polish! This one-hour at the nail salon is a special indulgence that is time-friendly and leaves me feeling relaxed. Looking for a more budget friendly pampering experience? Try a do-it-yourself home spa…light a fragrant candle for ambiance, soak your fingers and toes in warm water, and pick your favorite polish!

Sure, there is a bit of extra cleanup in the kitchen after baking, but I almost forget that when that sweet smell of goodness starts to permeate through the oven door. I enjoy the routine of mixing ingredients and tasting the batter—I find comfort in the joy of baking. With my wedding on the horizon, I have been trying to eat a bit healthier. So, rather than leave all the cookies on the counter, I leave only a few in my kitchen and I pack the rest to share at work with my colleagues!

Couch Time:
I’ve shared before that I’m a believer in menu planning, but it is sometimes a struggle to come up with new and tasty meals on the fly. When I have some time, I like to curl up on my couch and flip through the various Cooking Light and Bon Appetite magazines that have piled up over the weeks. As I am browsing through the pages, I’m not only enjoying the peaceful and relaxing moment, but I am also being productive! Couch time can also be used to catch up on television shows…I’m a believer that a bit of mindless TV is good for the soul and the mind!


Walk in my Neighborhood:
I live in a neighborhood with hills so it’s perfect for a quick endurance-filled walk. An afternoon or evening walk is the perfect way for me to get a bit of exercise, breathe in fresh air and clear my head. I sometimes tell myself that I don’t have time to work out, but when I push myself to go for a walk (even if only for 20 minutes), I end up being thankful that I did.


Gratitude Meditation:
In the beginning of this year, I promised myself that I would make a more conscious effort to be aware of good things that happen each day. Unfortunately, I feel that negative occurrences often overshadow positive ones (even though the negative may be much smaller or less impactful than the positive). Each night before I go to sleep, I think about what I am grateful for that day. Recognizing even one moment, interaction or event reminds me that I have much to be grateful for. This routine also puts my mind at ease, which I think promotes a better nights sleep.

Life is about balance. It is important to find ways to take care of yourself in order to continue to be the best version of yourself and to prevent from crashing and burning. What are your favorite ways to de-stress? We look forward to hearing them!