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How I Take My Coffee


Mere … Making coffee is my first task each morning. There is something wonderful about the smell of fresh brew to wake me up and start my day! I’m pretty basic when it comes to my morning cup o’ joe (although I’m known for splurging when it comes to Starbucks…hello vanilla latte!). For my morning coffee, I simply add nonfat milk and a tiny sprinkle of sugar. Most mornings, I enjoy my first cup of coffee in a mug at home and take my second in my Starbucks travel mug (highly recommend!) when I hit the road for work.

Kristi … I’m more of a tea gal, so my mornings almost start with a cup (or two). During the weekdays, I’m up and on the road long before the sun, so I grab one of my nifty car coffee tumblers (including this adorable find from Sonoma) and enjoy my warm beverage on my long commute to the office. I love trying different types of teas. Typically I drink the brew without any additives, but if I feel like sweetening it up just a bit, I’ll add a dash of agave syrup.

Bri … Like Kristi, I often drink various kinds of tea. A colleague sent me more than a dozen varieties as a gift, and it’s a pleasure trying different flavors to suit the season. If I do choose to make myself a cup of joe to enjoy at home or on the drive to work, the add-ins  vary from week-to-week. Sometimes it’s an almond milk or soy milk latte, frothed up in a Nespresso machine; other days, like today, it’s a blend of raw cacao powder, hot cocoa mix and a sprinkle of cinnamon on top.

How do you take your coffee?

DIY Hot Chocolate Mug

Happy New Year, Triple Knot readers! Hoping that you had a wonderful time ringing in 2016 with family and friends. While I’m excited to start the new year, I always get a smidge bit sad when the winter holiday season has passed (since it’s by far my most favorite time of the year!). One thing that I love about the winter holiday season is it provides a time for you to not only get together with family and friends, but also to emphasize to them how much they mean to you.

I’m blessed to not only have amazing friends, but also creative ones (including my fellow TK authors!). We were all spoiled this year by the most adorable gift set from Col, one of our high school friends, which was just too cute for words and a great gift for the winter season.

Enter the DIY Hot Chocolate Mug!

DIY Hot Cocoa Mug 1

Col started with picking up these classic Kate Spade coffee mugs (gotta love Home Goods!). She added in a chocolate and marshmallow spoon stirrer and an adorable container with hot chocolate mix…and oh what is that? Yes, a mini bottle of peppermint schnapps!

DIY Hot Cocoa Mug 2

She picked up cellophane bags and some seasonal jute twine, and created the most adorable winter-themed gift that we all ooo-ed and ahh-ed over.  Even more fun, we exchanged photos as we each dug into our hot chocolate mug and have adorable Kate Spade mugs to remember our friendship.

DIY Hot Cocoa Mug 3

What I loved about this gift was the versatility of it. It’s a great option for a hostess gift, for a white elephant exchange, or a co-worker.  It’s a gender-neutral gift, and one that can be styled to different seasons throughout the year.

DIY Hot Cocoa Mug 4

Thank you Col for our adorable treats, and for giving us another great gift idea!