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Gift Ideas for Pregnant Friends

One of the many things that I have learned on my journey to becoming a first-time mom is…boy do today’s babies need a whole lot of stuff! As my husband and I prepare for the arrival of our little kiddo, our previously minimal home style has been taken over by large boxes of everything imaginable to keep a small human happy.

While I have fully engaged in the organization and planning of all things needed for our little kiddo, I have been blessed to have several family members and friends who have gone out of their way during my pregnancy to remember to ‘treat’ me as well.

Finding things for pregnant ladies is not the easiest thing. You’re going through so many different changes and transitions and I have been so touched at what these amazing people have thought to gift me.

Jewelry and Accessories

No matter what stage of pregnancy, it’s highly likely you’re not really comfortable in your clothes and not really feeling exactly like yourself. Accessories and jewelry are a great gift for pregnant women because it’s something they can add to their new wardrobe and can utilize during and after their kiddo arrives.

Snacks and Edibles

Anything edible is a good choice. Whether you’re in the “I’m starving every minute of the day” period of your pregnancy or you’re suffering through morning sickness and trying to experiment with different foods that might help, getting a gift bag with a variety of treats is always a welcome gift. Bonus Tips: Whole Foods and other stores have fabulous healthy and clean options for those moms that are particular about ingredients.

Relaxation Elements

Finding your zen time during the midst of this crazy life transition is always a challenge. A scented candle or a delicate lotion is a nice way to pamper your pregnant friend with a few relaxing elements that can put her into a state of relaxation.

Cooling Items

No matter what season it is, your friend is likely feeling warm! If you’re like me, I didn’t time things well and now I’m in my final stretch in the heart of summer. My mom and my good friend were so thoughtful to think of how overheated you can get and gifted me personal fans to help stay cool in these final weeks.


Nothing is better than a few beauty products to make you feel just a smidge better. Whether it’s an exciting and bold lipstick color or simply a few fix-its (like my Glossier items shown below) – gifting a few makeup treats to your pregnant friend will always be a welcome treat.

The arrival of a new baby is an incredibly special tim, and it’s also a wonderful time to shower baby’s new mama with a few things to keep her feeling supported.

#bakeitforward: Baking for No Kid Hungry

Even though I’m not the primary chef in our household’s kitchen, I love watching the Food Network. The different episodes inspire me to try new cuisines and flavors—and I’m majorly addicted to all their cooking competition shows. If my husband and I aren’t rushing off to do something on Saturday morning, I curl up on our sofa with a cup of tea and watch an episode of The Pioneer Woman, while my awesome husband whips up a big weekend breakfast. This is really one of my most favorite parts of the weekend!

This November, I was in the process of completing this Saturday morning ritual, and came across a commercial for the Food Network’s #bakeitforward campaign. It’s pretty simple. You bake a treat, post a picture to your social media page, and tag the campaign’s hashtag AND a friend of your choice. For each share, Food Network donates $1 (the equivalent of 10 meals) to No Kid Hungry…and…your tagged friend is challenged to bake something.

It took me all of five seconds to know that I wanted to jump on this bandwagon—I mean an excuse to bake sugary treats AND contribute to a great cause? What a match made in heaven!

Throughout the campaign, we fired up 4 treats baked in 4 different cities.

BakeItForward - Collage 1

Thank you Food Network for putting together such a fun activity which raised awareness for such an important cause!

Morning After Hostess Gift

We’ve all heard the saying about not arriving to a party “empty-handed.” This is a mantra that I have adopted for all the formal and informal get-together that I attend. It goes without saying that there are plenty of ‘go-to’ options to bring for a dinner or brunch—a bottle of wine always seems to please and a bouquet of fresh flowers brighten up your host’s home, however lately, I’ve really challenged myself to think outside of the box on what I pull together for my friends and family.

This month, my husband and I joined two other couples that live in our neck of the woods for our monthly “Supper Club” dinner. While we don’t always end up eating together monthly, we love having this time to catch up with our local friends, share a meal and rotate to each other’s homes. If we’re having dinner, our events tend to go into the late hours of the evening and often include tons of dishes—both cooking and serving! We all do our part to try to lessen the load of ‘clean up’ but each couple always ends up spending extra time after everyone has gone home doing the dishes. This month, I decided that I wanted to do a “Morning After” themed hostess gift—complete with a few casual essentials to give my friends a break on the morning after their dinner party to relax in their jammies and enjoy breakfast.

After thinking a bit through what I could make the day-of and plan to have my friends eat the morning after, I settled on a batch of scones, a jar of marmalade and tea for two.

My morning started with whipping up a quick batch of scones. I’ll be honest, I often make scones from scratch but after a particularly long work week that left me with quite a little free time, I decided to use a packaged mix. The mix that I chose was an organic mix with citrus and cranberry—and it was delicious (I snuck one of my test scones as a snack). Not a scone person? Consider a delicious muffin recipe or even a seasonal breakfast bread.

Hostess Morning After 1

Next, I grabbed a jar of citrus marmalade while picking up the last-minute items that I needed to bring to Supper Club. One day I hope to learn how to make my own jams and preservers, but in the meantime, there are lots of options at your local grocery stores with interesting flavor profiles.

Hostess Morning After 2

The last component that I wanted to include was some sort of beverage. I thought hard about how to bring coffee into the equation, as I know my friends are avid coffee drinkers. Depending on your host, you could consider including Keurig coffee pouches or even a small gift card to Starbucks. In my case, I wasn’t quite sure if our friends had a Keurig and knew that there wasn’t a Starbucks completely near to their home, so I ended up having including two bags of Tazo tea, which I hope they ended up enjoying.

Hostess Morning After 3

Lastly, I put together a handwritten note thanking my hosts for having us over, and packaged the whole ensemble into an adorable brown box that I found at my local crafts store (fortunately everything fit quite well!).

Hostess Morning After 4

In all, this hostess gift took a bit more effort than just grabbing a bottle of wine, but it was quite fun to put together and my friends were so excited to have their “breakfast in a box” the next morning!

Hostess Morning After 5

We love creative hostess gifts and would love to hear your ideas on what you like to bring to your get-togethers.