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Organizing Makeup and the Top of Your Vanity [Video]

Even though the packaging for the shiny, sparkly and matte cosmetics options available on the market today are beautiful and enticing, these days I want to put fewer products on my face and instead try to enhance my health and appearance through nutritious food and good ol’ H2O.

About 10 years ago, though, I used to put all these products on my face daily.

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It was too much. I had ‘cake face’ makeup. When it rained, I would run for cover because if my face got wet it would look like a melted candle!

Since these items took up a lot of space in my tiny bathroom, I stored the multitude of products in a hanging jewelry organizer. This worked well because the products were easy to grab and easy to put away. However, the layout of the organizer was also a constant reminder of how much stuff I was applying to my face just to walk out the door. (It also took a really long time to get ready in the morning!)

Eventually, I found that I was reaching for fewer items. Happily, I put away the jewelry organizer, downsized the makeup collection and am now using a small acrylic box to sort and store the handful of items that made the cut.

Sure, I still ‘put on my face’ most mornings with a few cosmetics, but I’m confident that I won’t look like a sad clown if I get caught in a downpour. That’s a tiny win.

In my latest video, you can see how I organized my small-to-medium sized cosmetics collection. I show both ways (hanging organizer and divided box). And, you can also take a look at how I organize -and keep clean!- the top of my vanity.

Hope you found these tips helpful!

How do you organize your makeup? Share with us by leaving a comment below!