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Gift Ideas for Pregnant Friends

One of the many things that I have learned on my journey to becoming a first-time mom is…boy do today’s babies need a whole lot of stuff! As my husband and I prepare for the arrival of our little kiddo, our previously minimal home style has been taken over by large boxes of everything imaginable to keep a small human happy.

While I have fully engaged in the organization and planning of all things needed for our little kiddo, I have been blessed to have several family members and friends who have gone out of their way during my pregnancy to remember to ‘treat’ me as well.

Finding things for pregnant ladies is not the easiest thing. You’re going through so many different changes and transitions and I have been so touched at what these amazing people have thought to gift me.

Jewelry and Accessories

No matter what stage of pregnancy, it’s highly likely you’re not really comfortable in your clothes and not really feeling exactly like yourself. Accessories and jewelry are a great gift for pregnant women because it’s something they can add to their new wardrobe and can utilize during and after their kiddo arrives.

Snacks and Edibles

Anything edible is a good choice. Whether you’re in the “I’m starving every minute of the day” period of your pregnancy or you’re suffering through morning sickness and trying to experiment with different foods that might help, getting a gift bag with a variety of treats is always a welcome gift. Bonus Tips: Whole Foods and other stores have fabulous healthy and clean options for those moms that are particular about ingredients.

Relaxation Elements

Finding your zen time during the midst of this crazy life transition is always a challenge. A scented candle or a delicate lotion is a nice way to pamper your pregnant friend with a few relaxing elements that can put her into a state of relaxation.

Cooling Items

No matter what season it is, your friend is likely feeling warm! If you’re like me, I didn’t time things well and now I’m in my final stretch in the heart of summer. My mom and my good friend were so thoughtful to think of how overheated you can get and gifted me personal fans to help stay cool in these final weeks.


Nothing is better than a few beauty products to make you feel just a smidge better. Whether it’s an exciting and bold lipstick color or simply a few fix-its (like my Glossier items shown below) – gifting a few makeup treats to your pregnant friend will always be a welcome treat.

The arrival of a new baby is an incredibly special tim, and it’s also a wonderful time to shower baby’s new mama with a few things to keep her feeling supported.

Budget Friendly Holiday Hostess Gift

The Thanksgiving holiday may be over, but winter holiday merriment remains in full swing! With both family and friends in the Bay Area, I find that the weekends leading up to Christmas are always jam-packed with social get-togethers and holiday events. Despite the chaos of running around, I love this time of year, because of the emphasis that it has on reconnecting with those that are special to you.

Per usual, our holiday calendar is already scheduled from now until the New Year, and while all the commitments that we’ve made seem a bit overwhelming, I am definitely excited. Besides trying to get holiday shopping done early, I also decided to take a peek at my calendar and try to get a head start on hostess gifts. I did not get around to making a “stockpile” as some organization gurus recommend, but I certainly took some time to figure out what I needed to get, for who and when. It definitely alleviated a bit of stress.

My typical go-to gift is a nice bottle of wine. It’s easy to carry, you can buy something within your budget and you know that it will definitely get good use (if not now, sometime in the future). However, this year, I wanted to explore a few other ideas.

This morning I was running my normal errands and dropped by our local Whole Foods. While we wish that we could shop at Whole Foods a bit more frequently, I often times find it a bit outside our of comfort budget zone. That being said, we like to pop in for an occasional item or two. After roaming the items, I found myself in the chocolate and sweets aisle (a dangerous place to be). Whole Foods has an amazing range of specialty chocolates (many of which are fair trade certified) with interesting flavors and chocolate combinations. Being a chocolate lover, I am never disappointed when it comes in any gift I receive.

After examining the selection, I settled on four bars from Theo Chocolate. I liked the unique flavors that they blended with their chocolate—including cherry, coconut, chili and almond. Even better these bars (regularly priced at $4) were on sale for $2.

Holiday Hostess Gifts 1 (Dec 2014)At home, I gathered my wrapping supplies, including some adorable white polka dot brown wrapping paper (found at Target on clearance for $0.50). I took the time to wrap each individual bar (because I loved the look of the alternating wrapping papers) and then finished the ensemble with a recycled gold satin ribbon.

Holiday Hostess Gifts 3 (Dec 2014)This entire gift turned out to not just be a major home run for my hostess gifting, but also for my holiday budget. The bars (on sale) cost under $10 and I was able to use wrapping pieces that were new, recycled and majorly discounted.

Holiday Hostess Gifts 2 (Dec 2014)This is a perfect budget-friendly option if you need “just a little somethin’” for a holiday get-together or could easily be paired with a nice bottle of wine.

Do you have a creative budget-friendly holiday gift? If so, we would love to hear from you.