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Summer Workout Clothing Steals

For me, the biggest priority when it comes to selecting workout clothes is ensuring I have plenty of pieces. On average (not every week), I try to work out at least five days a week. Now I’m not saying each of those workouts are “sweat-driven-air-sucking-do-or-die” workouts, but I do try to stay fairly active. Due to the frequency of my workout routines (and until the last year, communal laundry facilities), I have always had the need to keep a full stock of workout clothes in my closet. I figured there are plenty of distractions that I have to fight to get outside and workout, but not having a clean set of clothes, shouldn’t be one of those distractions.

In my post-college years, high-end designer activeware giants like Lululemon and Lucy were becoming quite popular. Unfortunately for me, my 20-something salary really couldn’t afford one pair of $100 workout pants, let alone five! As a result, I started having to look for thriftier ways to find some of my workout staples.

Now that I have bridged over to the third decade of my life, my workout budget has expanded a bit, and yet, I’ve realized that there are a few key workout pieces that I wouldn’t rotate out.

Here are some of my budget-friendly staples:

  • Forever 21’s Basic Cami ($1.90) – That’s right you read it correctly, weighing in at just under two dollars is one of the core pieces of my workout drawer. Here’s why. First, this cami is extremely light-weight, and despite it’s cotton/spandex composition, it’s quite breathable. It also comes in about every color in the rainbow.

Workout Clothes 1

What I Wear it For? This is a major go-to for me when it comes to outdoor warm-weather activities–the style counterbalances the tan lines that I receive from a traditional racerback top. I also love using this as a layering piece for cold-weather activities.

Purchase Tip: I actually tend to purchase two sizes of this top. I buy up by two sizes when it comes to a running top. I like the extra space and prefer a baggier top. I buy up by one size when it comes to a top for indoor activities like a core workout or a yoga class.

  • Walmart’s Danskin Now Women’s Tank ($6.86) – I actually learned about this tank on a whim. Prior to our big trek up Mt. Whitney, we were loading up on some hike supplies at the local Walmart and I came across this top by the checkout counter. I didn’t even try it on. It’s such a comfortable top and has the dry-wicking composition which is essential for a sweaty workout.

Workout Clothes 2

What I Wear it For? This is by far my go-to top when it comes to a majorly sweaty activity. It truly dries quickly and has a form-fitting style, without being too tight.

Purchase Tip: Not near a Walmart? Consider buying this top online. At just under $7 it’s worth the gamble!

  • Old Navy’s 3” Running Short ($15.00) – I have several pairs of these running shorts and really love them. They’re a great length for my petite frame (a bit taller? Consider the 3.5” length) and come in a variety of colors. The fabric is also breathable and dries quickly, and let’s be honest we all live fairly close to an Old Navy.

Workout Clothes 3

What I Wear it For? These are my primary running shorts for the Spring and Summer. I also find them really comfortable for hiking and other outdoors sports.

Purchase Tip: Old Navy always has good sales, so take advantage of that extra percentage off and stock up.

  • Costco’s Addidas Ladies Three-Quarter Tight ($16.99) – These tights are one of my favorite workout staples because they combine the quality of the Addidas brand with the budget-friendly Costco price.

Workout Clothes 4

What I Wear It For? I love these tights when it comes to an early-morning run when the weather is still a bit crisp. I also plan to wear them as layer-paint on an upcoming high-altitude hike that I’m doing in a few weeks.

Purchase Tip: Costco can be tough since you really don’t have anywhere to try the pants on. Consider doing your best to guess your size and rest assured that Costco remains EXCELLENT when it comes to hassle-free returns.

Despite being completely open to saving a buck or two on some of my workout clothes, there are some fitness items that I am less comfortable purchasing at a budget price. Stayed tuned, as I plan to share those items in he future.

When it comes to workout clothes, everyone has their own style. Some people prefer less items but from higher-end designers. The most important consideration is if your workout clothes match your workout style and personal budget.

Do you have a budget-friendly workout staple? If so, we’d love for you to share!

Beating Your Winter Workout Woes

Fall is here and the days are shortening! For me, the switch to Daylight Savings time is always a firm indicator that we are heading into the cooler months. It’s dark when I drive to work and dusk when I get home. My cat starts burrowing under our blankets and I start digging out my riding boots and scarves. Additionally, I always start feeling my “Winter Workout Slump.” Going home and curling up with the remote control and a blanket seems a lot more appealing than a crisp run out in the brisk evening air.

After the hype of our wedding weekend, an indulgent few weeks in Hawaii, we entertained my in-laws and then headed to New Orleans (the capital of fatty fried foods), and boy have I got off track when it comes to my regular workout routine. With Thanksgiving, and the winter holidays hot on it’s heels, I am majorly motivated to get back on the workout track.

Here are my top tips!

Bribe Yourself with Treats

Whenever I find myself in a slump, I always “bribe” myself with a new workout gadget, equipment or apparel. I know it sounds terrible, but I find that having something exciting and new to use is a great motivator to get my bum off the couch. Some of my past treats have included: new running shoes, a Nike+ tracker and my favorite long-sleeved Nike dry-fit shell.


Don’t have a workout or fitness item on your wish list? Consider setting a fitness goal for yourself, such as running three times a week, challenging yourself to learn a new Zumba or dance move, or trying out a new sport. Instead of bribing yourself with new gear, consider “banking” some dollars toward a non-fitness treat, such as a new Kate Spade bag or that Chanel makeup that you have been drooling over. Some people find that it’s easier to stay motivated to do less-desirable things (such as working out), when they have their eyes on their prize.

Incorporate Fitness into Everyday Activities

I’ve written a bit about this before, but I’m a huge advocate of incorporating fitness into your everyday schedule. Life is just busy and albeit staying fit should be a huge priority for us, our lives are filled with a number of other demands on our time.

If you’re like me, the majority of your day includes…sitting down. I sit…in my car, at my desk, whilst eating lunch and then eating dinner and relaxing after the work day. I have no idea what the percentage is, but I would say it’s somewhere north of 90% of my day!

Consider taking a minute and mapping out a “day in the life of you” and where you can incorporate in some activity to your day. A few ideas that I have added to my daily work routine, include: Walking to the coffee station in another building on our campus (instead of grabbing a cup of tea at the one just down the hall); using the upstairs restroom instead of the one a few doors down; and, standing up while I’m on a long conference call

Winter Workouts

Other ideas to consider, while not in the office include: Walking around the block when you’re on a catch-up phone date with a friend or ditching brunch or evening drinks and meet up with a friend for a hike in a local park or at a studio for a spin class.

“Double Bottom Line” Workouts

Another motivation strategy that I have used in my winter workout slumps is to find (what I call) a “double bottom line” motivation strategy. My interpretation is finding a fitness goal that also provides some sort of community benefit. I think this tends to go well with the “holiday season” and is a good reminder of how fortunate we are to have what we have in life.

IMG_1689What are some ideas? Consider doing a charity walk or run for a community-based organization or national advocacy campaign. Another ideas is to volunteer at a local food bank or shelter and spend a day moving food donation boxes. These are great ways to stay active but also tap into the all-important side of charitable giving.

The bottom line is most of us experience a sort of lethargic reaction to the winter. It’s just plain more enticing to sit in the warm house, then to get out in the cold. However, since the winter-time is also full of goodies like pumpkin pie, turkey and stuffing—it’s important to maintain your discipline and keep yourself active.

Have a good tip to share that keeps you going during the winter? We’d love to hear from you!

What Shoes I Work Out In


11Jun14_Image3Meredith … Nike has always been my go-to workout shoe. They are perfect for long hikes, bike rides and after work runs. They offer stability and comfort for all my outdoor activities. Plus, the bright color adds a fun pop!

Bri … During the week, I rotate 3 different pairs of dance shoes. Tonight I wore open-toe Go Go Dance practice heels (1.5″).

Kristi … I have been running in my Reebok Realflex kicks. They’re light-weight, breathable and a good cross-trainer for other activities.