Organizing a Tiny Apartment Kitchen: Spice Rack That’s Perfect for Petites [Video]

Welcome to my tiny kitchen! There are nice things to be said about having a small kitchen, such as only having to walk 1 or 2 steps from any point of the work triangle. I rarely splash water out of a pot when carrying it from sink to stove. (Win!)kitchen1There are also some potential issues with a small kitchen. For instance, mine has no drawers.

No drawers?!Good grief, where do all the utensils go?

While troubling at first, I’ve found that having a small space can be functional (and cute, if I may be so bold) with a little creativity and a lot of hooks and containers.

With my small stature (<5’ tall), I can easily reach the bottom row of the upper cabinets and the cabinets under the sink. However, if I want anything else from the cabinets in this kitchen, the step stool saves the day, as well as ONE OF MY FAVORITE ORGANIZING PRODUCTS OF ALL TIME:Rubbermaid’s spice rack.
It pulls
so that I can reach things! (Watch my related vlog to see the pull-down action.) This product could also be great for corralling vitamins, small paint bottles or medicine.

Kitchen2Isn’t it neat?! And, yes, the spices are in alphabetical order. It wasn’t always like that. It only took me one bleary-eyed morning of sprinkling cumin into my oatmeal rather than cinnamon to incite me to put these jars of magic -or in the case of my oatmeal that day, mayhem- into alphabetical order.

One issue: my spice jars are not as deep as the container space in the rack, so sometimes the jars would get jumbled and look like this hot mess:

Kitchen4OK, it’s not that bad, but it still frustrated me. So, I put a bumper behind the jars in the rack. As a result, the jars no longer shift around and look disorganized—hooray! You can see how I did this by watching the related vlog:

Where to buy? I suggest trying Rubbermaid’s website, AmazonLowesTarget, or  Walmart. Container Store also sells a similar product.

I would love to hear about your favorite organizing products (spice-related or not), so please leave a comment below.

PS – shout out to my big brother; he gave me this spice rack! xoxo, Bri

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