The Perfect Summer Shoe

The Perfect Summer Shoe

If you are like me, then finding the perfect summer shoe has historically been a challenge. I either end up finding nothing or finding five pairs of shoes that I do not even need. I live in Los Angeles, where the sun shines all summer long (I definitely realize how incredibly lucky I am), and although most often I end up in Havaianas, it is always fun to find something special. This summer, I was on a mission for theperfect summer shoe. I was looking for cute and comfy, something to dress up or down, and a pair that “kicks it up a notch.” Well, I found it: Bright Zig-Zag Jonathan Adler TOMS.

Here they are: Jonathan Adler Toms!

Here they are: Bright Zig-Zag Jonathan Adler TOMS!

TOMS have long since been an LA-staple of women in this trendy city but truthfully this is my first pair. I have always been intrigued by TOMS, but for some reason never ventured into this world. The story behind TOMS is an interesting and inspiring one. The man behind the brand is an entrepreneur and philanthropist. Mycoskie first visited Argentina while competing on the Amazing Race. In 2006, he returned to the country on vacation, and while there met an American woman who was part of an organization, which provided shoes for children in need. Mycoskie, inspired by this, created the “One for One” business model that he continues to operate today. Mycoskie donates a new pair of shoes for every pair sold.

As a Social Worker, I was deeply impressed by this business model and philosophy. I am always attracted to opportunities for giving back and learning the story behind TOMS made me even more satisfied with my purchase. I am a strong believer in giving back and who knew one could feel so good about making a difference by shoe shopping!

Not only was I feeling good about my new purchase from the humanistic perspective, but I was also totally into the bright colors and zig-zag pattern! Designer Jonathan Adler teamed up with TOMS to create this limited-edition collection celebrating Adler’s iconic designs. Admittedly, I googled Jonathan Adler and learned of his previous successful collaborations – Mattel, Starbucks and Lacoste to name of a few. Adler’s designs for TOMS are chic, bright, and colorful – you cannot go wrong with any pair.

I bought my TOMS a month ago and get compliments with every wear. With summer right around the corner, I know I am set (at least with shoes!). This really is the perfect summer shoe.

I'm loving my new shoes!

I’m loving my new shoes!

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