What Food I Had for Breakfast

13Jun14Kristi… Breakfast is always a grab-bag for me. Typically based on what is most convenient. I’m fortunate to have an awesome Cafe at work, which makes available a lot of options. Today, I had homemade granola and skim milk. The granola is a little sweet, but has lots of goodies!

Meredith… This morning I’m eating nonfat plain Greek yogurt (FAGE is my favorite) with fresh strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. The sweetness of the berries is the perfect balance to the tart yogurt! And of course, I have my coffee in my to-go tumbler!

Bri… I ate Alvarado St. Bakery’s Sprouted Whole Wheat Bread with Masa Organics Almond Butter. It keeps me full and fueled until noon!

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