What View is Outside my Window


Bri …I’m working from home today in Oakland. From my windows I have a view of a hill covered with trees and apartments.

Kristi … Today I’m working in our San Francisco office, and boy do I feel fortunate to have a window with natural light (rare in SF!). Being in SF is a huge change from my Silicon Valley office where we get sunshine, trees and birds! That being said, it’s always nice to swap my flats for a pair of heels and my jeans for slacks. I still carry my backpack, though!

Meredith … I have been vacationing with my family on Figure 8 Island, a small island off the coast of North Carolina. We have an incredible view of Atlantic Ocean and miles of sandy beach. For the past 4 days, we’ve had cloudy days with showers of rain and storms of thunder and lightning. While the stormy beach has been a natural beauty, I have been missing the sun! And today, finally, we have our first day of sunshine! We will be soaking it up!

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