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Hi Triple Knots readers! I’m sure you’re all wondering where all of us have been! The truth is that I am getting married in a few weeks and my fellow TK bloggers have a very integral role in the wedding. We are in the final dash to the alter and boy are we all busy!

The ironic thing about getting married is your “To Do” list becomes never-ending, and yet this is one big time in your life when really want to be in shape. While I have always been an avid fitness person, I am finding that my wedding tasks are draining all my extracurricular-post-work hours.

Finding a balance between all the things going on has been a huge challenge for my workout schedule. In order to stay on track (literally), I have focused on coming up with what I call “Multitasking Workouts.” My fiancé always marvels at my uncanny ability to multitask, so it seems fitting that somehow I would find a way to get stuff done while working out.

Here are my tips!

Ditch Your Car and Use Your Feet
Wedding planning has increased the amount of weekly errands two-fold (and likely beyond!). I’m always running to the craft store for ribbon, to Target for décor and to the mall for a cute cocktail dress and accessories. Fortunately, we moved to an area where a number of these places are within five miles or so of our house, so I’ve learned to ditch my car and take my bike to the store.

Not only do I get a nice bike ride in, but it’s amazing how much you actually work out when you’re carrying your groceries in your backpack (and against a headwind). For those of you that do not have a bike, consider walking or even trying to coordinate a run with your errands. Albeit takes a bit longer, I have found it’s a great way for me to get a little exercise in while accomplishing my routine errands.

Too Far Away from the Stores? Consider parking your car at the first spot you see at a shopping center (instead of hunting for the closest one to the door). Not only will you have to walk a bit farther, but you may save time a little time by not having to wait for a spot to open up.

Yoga, Stretching, Weights and the Real Housewives
Despite my crazy schedule, I always make time for the ladies of the Real Housewives (and a number of other reality TV shows). In a weird way, their drama relaxes me! When I have a shortage in free time, I always feel guilty when I sit down and watch the shows, so I focused on trying to find exercises I could do while watching.

The first I would recommend is bringing in your yoga mat and plop it in front of your TV. Not only is it great for stretching and planks, but I feel more motivated to actually work out when I’m on my mat (versus just sitting on the normal floor). I also use my yoga mat as a place to do my free weights.

I try to do something on my yoga mat every time I turn on the TV. It doesn’t always happen but it’s got me into the mentality of equating fitness with TV, and makes me feel a little less guilty on my reality-show indulgences!

Standing Instead of Sitting
I work an office job, and the great majority of my day is sitting at my desk or driving in my car. I try my best to “unplug” from the Internet while not at the office, but have found that wedding planning has increased the amount of time I have to be in front of a computer (outside of the office). While it’s a lot easier to sit at a desk or table and type, I have made a conscious effort to try to stand while I work on my Macbook or iPad. Not only does it get me out of a sitting position, but I also find that I have better posture when I stand (shoulders stay back and I stand straighter).

To my chagrin our house came with this funny little bar sink and counter in the corner of our family room. I told my fiancé that it “needed to go” but after a little bit of time the space has grown on me. It still needs a major makeover and some styling, but I think it may be with us to stay. It’s a perfect counter-level height for me to plop my computer and type away or keep up with the many emails that are floating around after work.

Don’t Have a Funky Bar Sink? Consider a kitchen counter (a clean one, of course) or even a bedroom dresser.

Whether you are planning a wedding or not, American life is just plain busy! While I am a firm believer that the best workout time is uninterrupted time—the reality is that is not always feasible. In your busiest times, keep yourself healthy by working in fitness time!

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