Getting Crafty: My First DIY Home Project

DIY: Do-It-Yourself. I often see crafty and creative DIY home projects on HGTV shows, various blogs and Pinterest. I’m always impressed by the before and after and frequently think to myself, “I can do that.” My boyfriend and I moved into our new home a year ago, and since have been working slowly to update and revamp the house. A reorganized bookshelf here, a gallery wall there, adding fun flea market finds for uniqueness—it has been a fun process.

Since moving in, I’ve felt that our entryway needed a facelift. Hence, my first DIY home project began. I found an old white mirror that was currently unused and decided that a colorful mirror with ornate hooks below would be the perfect entryway look. I began reading blogs and Pinterest posts about furniture painting.

The original white mirror.

The original white mirror.

Our project began by sanding the previous layers of white paint from the mirror in order prepare the surface to take more paint. Our goal was to rough the surface so that a new layer could be applied and not peel off. Tip: Use two different grains of sandpaper. I recommend starting with a harder grain to remove the initial paint layer and then using a finer one to smooth the surface.

I initially decided on a bright marigold color for the mirror—I thought it would be a nice pop in the entrance to our home. I began to paint the mirror, and in the shaded light of the garage, I loved the color. Once the mirror dried, I held it up in the entryway and almost immediately, my boyfriend and I knew we had made an error. The marigold was too bright and did not provide the contrast we were hoping for. So back the drawing board I went…first to Home Depot to get new paint and then back to the garage to sand the mirror (again).

My first attempt: Marigold.

My first attempt: Marigold. Although I loved the brightness of this color in theory, in reality the color contrast between the mirror and our entryway did not work.

I sanded the marigold paint from the mirror until it was nearly off. One thing I noticed while sanding was that I hadn’t taped the edges as well as I thought I had. I found bits of marigold paint on the actual mirror that required a razor blade to get off. I corrected this novice mistake the second time around. Tip: Blue painter’s tape is not as easy to apply as it looks. Try to tape as close to the edge as possible, and when painting, use paint sparingly where the tape meets the mirror—so it doesn’t seep into crevices where you don’t want it to go.

At the first brushstroke, I instantly knew this was the right color. I chose a rich blue/grey color that is warm and sophisticated and a focal point against a white wall. I painted differently the second time around. This time, I was cautious to thinly paint layers, to prevent from thick and gloppy coatings. Tip: find the balance between applying paint to thin so that you can see through the layers, but not so thick that it ends up collecting or pooling.

Round 2: A better color.

Round 2: A better color.

As the mirror lay to dry on my garage floor, my boyfriend and I headed to Anthropologie on a hunt for ornate hooks. There were many choices to choose from, and we selected a pale green abstract flower that balanced artistry and function. We purchased three hooks, picturing them centered below the mirror.

As soon as we got home, we hung the mirror and three hooks and stood back to admire our work. We were impressed by ourselves and the finished product. We took a blank white wall and created an inviting entryway and focal point in our home and we did it ourselves. This was my first true DIY home project and I know there will be many more to come!

My finished product complete.

Here it is, my finished product. Each day when I walk in the door I see this, and it gives me a sense of satisfaction and a smile!

What have been your DIY home projects? I would love for you to share them!

4 thoughts on “Getting Crafty: My First DIY Home Project

  1. Mary Anne Anderson

    How creative. I comment you for not giving up after the first attempt didn’t have the effect you wanted. It looks super!

    1. Meredith Post author

      Thanks Mary Anne! It was such a fun project and makes me smile each day when I walked through the front the door!


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