Closet Organization: Tops and Pants [Video]

When I was in elementary school, my closet was stuffed to the point where it looked like it might take on a life of its own. No wonder I had nightmares about monsters in the closet. I had no idea what was in there!

As my love for organization grew, I learned to loathe an over-stuffed closet. When a closet is too full, it’s hard to see what you have. That, and having an over-stuffed closet might also make it difficult to get to the item that you want.

If you find yourself getting frustrated with a closet that seems to spit out possessions whenever you’re brave enough to open the door, consider paring down. Some good resources for determining what to keep and what to donate can be found all over the web. Two articles that I think are very helpful are linked below:

10 Tips to Get Your Closet Organized [via the Joyful Organizer]

The Experts Spill Their Tips for a Clean, Well-Organized Closet [via Who What Wear]

In my latest video, I show you how I organize my pants and shirts. I’ve had these systems in place for a long time and it’s working well for me; hopefully some of these tips will be helpful for you too. I no longer wonder if a clothing item is somewhere in the depths of the closet or whether it’s in the laundry pile. I also show you my favorite way to hang delicate sweaters so that you don’t get hanger notches in the shoulder.

Do you have any favorite tips for keeping your closet organized? Please let me know in the comments below!

And, as always, happy organizing!

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