Organizing a Cleaning Closet! [Video]

I was visiting my mom recently and I realized she has multiple sets of cleaning supplies around her home. For her and my father, it makes sense and works well because there are stairs to negotiate and the restrooms are a bit of a trek from one to the next. It would not be fun lugging cleaning supplies from location to location!

In my tiny apartment, though, I keep all of my supplies in one centrally located closet. I like this method because it keeps me from over-purchasing and filling up my limited storage space.

Today, I invite you to come and take a tour of my cleaning closet:

How do you organize your cleaning supplies? Any tips or tricks to share? Please let me know in the comments below.

6 thoughts on “Organizing a Cleaning Closet! [Video]

  1. taffany

    Hmmm……the next time you come out to visit David you’ll need to stop by my place. I have many closets that could use your expertise! 🙂


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