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Knowing that I would be traveling for the holidays, I decided to keep holiday décor to a minimum this year (I couldn’t let the season pass without a few festive touches!). I switched our everyday couch pillows for Christmas ones and filled a clear vase with mini pinecones and faux cranberries as a centerpiece for the kitchen table. As I looked around my home, I instantly knew what was missing: a simple holiday wreath.

After scrolling through a few pins on Pinterest, I knew what I wanted to create: a boxwood wreath tied with a bow. I love the classic and natural look of this wreath—it has a slightly formal yet traditional look that is perfect for the holiday season.

I read many articles on the Internet about creating a boxwood wreath yourself from boxwood branches. If I had more time, I might have done this—but wanting to enjoy the wreath for as long as possible before jet setting off, I chose to purchase mine instead. I found my Boxwood wreath from my local Trader Joe’s (for only $10.99). After going and back-and-forth between winterberries and ribbon, I decided to add a festive burlap ribbon with red trim, tied in a bow (from Paper Source) for a holiday pop. I found that creating your own wreath décor is a great way of incorporating in your home holiday colors and offers creative fun!

Dec22_image1 Hanging wreaths can be bit tricky for me, as the traditional over-the-door hook does not work on my front door and I’m hesitant to hammer in a nail into the door as it will leave a small hole. This dilemma left me to multiple Google searches for “how to hang a wreath without damaging your door” but then my parents gave me the perfect solution.

Tap a small nail into the top of the door, leaving just a bit of the nail exposed (make sure the door can close!). Tie clear fishing string around the hook or handle or the wreath and tie the string around the nail. I made multiple knots to ensure it would stay secured.

I stepped back and admired the wreath—it was the perfect simple holiday décor. And the best part of this wreath-hanging solution for me is that I can put up new wreaths with ease throughout the year and leave my door clear with no hooks or holes.

Do you have a creative simple holiday décor ideas? If so, we would love for you to share them with us! Happy holidays!

4 thoughts on “Simple Holiday Wreath

  1. Mary Anne Anderson

    What a lovely boxwood wreath. I would suspect that boxwood would last a long time. There are over the door hangers that can accommodate wreaths. Some are more decorative than others. For example:
    Although I tried, I couldn’t get my photo to copy for you to see.
    Happy New Year

    1. Meredith Post author

      Thanks Mary Anne! I agree – I have been reading up on how to preserve my boxwood wreath. I’m hoping it will last well into the Spring, or even early Summer (if I’m lucky). I will definitely look into door hangers for future wreaths as well – thanks for sharing 🙂 Wishing you a Happy New Year!


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