Winter Tabletop Decorating

Although the holidays are behind us, I’m still reminiscing about the many family gatherings, home cooked meals and laughter with friends, shared over the past few weeks. Christmas and New Years holidays are special—there is an extra burst of celebration in the air that permeates smiles everywhere. The holidays are also a time for decoration—whether it is tree trimming, hall decking or table decorating—the holidays allow for full creativity and fun.

My holiday season’s tabletop decorating post comes from the East Coast. Over the holidays, I traveled with my boyfriend to his home state of Delaware. We spent much time with his family around the dinner table sharing stories and updates over the past year. There is something nostalgic for me about gathering around the table over the holidays (please pass the pie!) and something special about having this table be a centerpiece of Christmas.

My boyfriend’s mother is an artist and her artistic abilities certainly came through while decorating her table for the holidays. Her color palette focused on the traditional holiday colors of red, white and green. The cornerstone of her table décor included a traditional flower arrangement in the center of the table.

Jan10_image2.WatermarkedThe table also included place settings, which highlighted the Christmas spirit—holiday china with traditional Christmas plaid napkins, tied with gold tassel rings.

Jan10_image1.WatermarkedI’m so often inspired by the ideas of others and I love taking these ideas and incorporating them into my own designs. I think it’s special to see aspects of your table that remind you of others that you admire—in a way it feels like they are a part of your special gathering (even if they are far away). Here’s a post-holiday tip: now is a great time to stock up on holiday décor for next year. I know it seems far away, but post-holiday sales are now. I would also recommend purchasing holiday pieces to supplement your everyday décor that you use year-round—accent pieces require minimal storage, rather than many, bulky items that you’ll only use once a year.

Although the holiday season is has come to a close, I am already thinking about ideas for next year! In the meantime, I will put my efforts into designs for Spring! What did your holiday table look like? Please share your pictures and ideas with us!

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