Spring Cleaning Tips

I know it’s only January, but is it really ever too early to start Spring cleaning? I certainly don’t think so. After the whirlwind of the holidays, I have been in the mindset for a deep clean of my home. Throughout the year I do weekly and monthly cleanings—frequent vacuuming, dusting of shelves, cleaning of surfaces and the floor—but at least twice a year, I like to give my home a good, deep clean. There is nothing more satisfying than feeling like your home is fresh again. Here are my top 5 Spring cleaning (and some all year-round) must-do’s!

1. Oven Cleaning and Stovetop
I clean my stovetop and oven on a fairly regular basis—I wipe up any splattered oil from the stovetop and pick up any bits of fallen food from the oven—however, I must admit: I’ve never done a true deep clean (guilty!). The self-cleaning oven feature is one that I knew existed, but had never used. This Spring cleaning season, I decided to give it a go! After reading the manual, I selected the medium-level 3-hour cleaning cycle. I pushed the buttons and let the oven do its magic! During the 3-hour cleaning cycle (plus 1-hour cool-down), I soaked and scrubbed the oven racks and stovetop burners. The result: a brand new oven and stovetop.

Tip: If you have never used the self-cleaning feature before, prepare yourself for a pungent odor—this is normal. I suggest opening a few windows or lighting a fragrant candle to counteract the odor. Also, I suggest staying home the first time to use this feature. Although manufacturers never anticipate problems (flames or flare-ups), I believe it is better to operate from a safety-first standpoint.


2. Dust Surfaces
I’m not sure why, but small dust particles have an impressive way of collecting on my surfaces—the top of nightstands, bookshelves and those small horizontal edges of my dresser. Time to clear those surfaces, and grab a rag and cleaning solvent. I recommend moving all items from surface before cleaning (after all, there is no point in cleaning around a pile of books!). And, don’t forget to those hard to reach corners—dust seems to love gathering there!


3. Clean Out Your Closet
Many evenings as I select my outfit for the next day (morning time saver!), I say to myself: “I have nothing to wear.” Truth is, my closet is loaded to the brim. I think it is healthy and therapeutic to clean out your closet once in a while—give away those items that you’re never going to wear again. We all have those “if I lose a few pounds these will fit right” jeans and “I’m sure these will come back into style” dresses, and what better than to give these items to Goodwill or any other donation collection agency. It will not only feel good to clear out and reorganize your closet, but also it will feel good to give back. Tip: check out fellow TK blogger Bri’s You-Tube videos for closet organization ideas and tips!


4. Deep Clean of the Bathroom Sink and Shower
Bathroom cleaning may not be the most glamorous of tasks, but it is certainly one of the most important, so pick your preferred cleaning solution and get to work! Spray tiles, countertops and walls with the cleaner, then wipe down the shower and/or tub and faucets with a cloth to help remove soap scum and leftover residues from shampoo and conditioner. I always give my mirrors and chrome hardware a spray with Windex for extra shine. And, don’t forget about the toilet—pour in toilet bowl cleaner, give the edges a good brush, let stand for a few minutes and flush. Most Important: make sure to rinse all cleaners thoroughly with water.


5. Vacuum and Wash Floors
I suggest ending your cleaning binge, by giving your floors a good vacuum (this means moving furniture!) and wash. Dust particles, feathers from your featherbed and leaves from outside have a persistent way of hiding in floor crevices—time to vacuum them up. Finish by doing a deep scrub of the floors to mop up any droplets of spilled coffee or sticky food reminisces.


All of this may seem daunting or too time consuming, but let me assure you, if you turn on your favorite high-energy music and set a time for, say, 20 minutes per task (with the exception of the stove deep clean), you’ll be done faster than you know it!

Once you’ve completed your deep cleaning, sit back and enjoy (and give yourself a pat on the back for all the cleaning your have accomplished). The moment when I sit on the couch to read a magazine and appreciate the cleanliness around me is a blissful one. What is involved in your Spring cleaning process? Please share your ideas and tips with us!

4 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning Tips

    1. Meredith Post author

      I couldn’t have said it better myself Bonnie! January is the perfect month for kicking start your home cleaning!!

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  2. Cara

    Spring cleaning is almost here! I can’t wait for the weather to become warmer! Thanks for the tips! The post is lovely! Greets, Mortlake Carpet Cleaners Ltd.


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