Preparing for a Busy Week at Work

Triple Knots was busy this past weekend.  On Saturday, Bri , our good friend Colleen and I took a 20-hour trip down to LA to celebrate Meredith’s recent engagement. We had a wonderful time catching up during our flight south, seeing old friends, and meeting new ones. Now back in Northern California, it was time to attack that ever-long list of “Things to Do Before Monday” and get prepped for the coming work week.

Every work day for me begins really early. I work east-coast hours, which gets me up and on the road typically before sunrise. In order to maximize the amount of hours that I can spend blissfully sleeping, I’ve incorporated a few prep tactics into my evenings in order to minimize how much I have to do when I get up each morning.

Layout Tomorrow’s Outfit

This sounds simplistic, but I always lay out my outfit for the next work day. While I’m naturally more of a morning person, I used to get stuck mulling around my closet to figure out what to wear, so having everything ready to go allows me to save time.  Taking the time in the evening allows me to check my work schedule to see if I can wear my Silicon Valley “uniform” of denim and flats or if I need to wear something a bit more professional. I also tend to take a peek at the weather before finalizing what I’m going to wear and I always ensure to add items like accessories and shoes to my outfit.

Weekday Prep 3

Prepare and Pack Lunch

For the longest time, I was pretty bad at bringing lunch to work. My office has an excellent onsite café at our campus, so it was just easier to eat there.  The house-made French fries and piping hot fresh paninis were –and still are – an ongoing threat to counterbalancing all the workout hours I sweat out each week. My husband recommended that we bump up the dinner portions that we were making so that we could bring the leftovers to lunch for work.

Weekday Prep 2

Each evening my (amazingly sweet and thoughtful) husband puts together my lunch in a great Whole Foods reusable bag. In the morning, I just grab the bag from my fridge on my way out the door and voilà…I’m all set. I’ve been happy with the healthier fare that I am now eating on a weekly basis.

“Briefcase” by the Door

Each evening, I gather everything that I need for the office into my work bag. Nope, I don’t actually have a briefcase, rather a trusty-rusty North Face laptop backpack. Given I leave the office in the middle of the afternoon, I often times am logging onto my laptop in the later hours to check a few emails or project statuses. When all is said and done, I like to put everything back into my bag and have it ready by the door so I can grab it on the way out. If possible, I actually prefer to leave my backpack in my car, and just keep an eye on projects from my mobile phone.

Weekday Prep 1

Incorporating these mainstays in my weekly routine has in general provided me with at minimum 15 extra minutes of sleep every morning (for which I’m incredibly grateful). The extra evening prep allows me to breeze through my morning and I’m typically out the door within 20 minutes of my alarm going off.

While I hope that my life eventually returns to a more traditional 9-5 work schedule, for the time being, these simple routine adjustments have really helped my workweek.

Do you have a routine or tip that helps you through your work week? If so, we’d love to hear about it.

2 thoughts on “Preparing for a Busy Week at Work

  1. Mary Anne Anderson

    When I was working in the hospital and had to be there at 0600, minimizing am activities were so important. I commend you Kristi on how well you do – 20 minutes is amazing. The other plan I had was to look at the beauty of nature around me as I drove to work; and let it’s seasonal beauty move me so I could bring it’s stillness into the hub-bub of a work-a-day world. I could also go back to that morning moment when I felt unsettled.

    1. Kristi Post author

      Great share! Yes, making the best of a not-so-fun commute and enjoying your time outside of the office is essential!


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