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TK Destinations: Paso Robles, California

Hellooo from Triple Knots! This summer has been a busy one for us, and a lot of that has been due to travel! Among the three of us, we have traveled to a lot of interesting places (both near and far), and we liked the idea of sharing just a few of our destination highlights with our fantastic readers. Stay tuned for posts that cover our top recommendations for activities, places and things to do – all based on the experiences we’ve enjoyed on our trips.

This past month, my husband and I drove down to Paso Robles for an extended weekend trip with my in-laws. Sure we had heard about the area because of it’s famous wines, and we certainly knew the exit signs from our many trips down to the Central Coast for our wedding last year—but we really had not spent much time in the city ourselves. We had a fantastic time and were able to partake in a wide variety of activities (even though we could have just wine-tasted for four days straight – wink).

So without further ado, here are our trip highlights:

  • Location, Location, Location: Despite being a Californian for the past three decades, it never occurred to me that Paso Robles is the quintessential “halfway point” for Northern Californians and Southern Californians to meet up (apx. 3 hours by car). It’s the perfect distance for a road trip, where you don’t have to spend too much time in the car. Plus, you can selfishly pack your trunk with everything you might possibly want, and not feel restrained by the confines of your TSA-approved carry-on bag.

Paso 1

  • We’re Going Downtown: No matter where you are staying, stopping in downtown is an absolute must. It embraces retro charm and is filled with wonderful restaurants, quirky antique shops and interesting specialty stores. Being a spice and tea lover, I particularly enjoyed Spice of Life on Pine Street which had a huge array of products ranging from familiar items like oregano, rosemary and sage, to specialty products like smoked paprika.

Paso 5

  • Hotels, Vacation Rentals and B&Bs: My recommendation is to get creative when you look for a place to stay, as Paso has lots to offer. From a traditional hotel to a charming antique bed and breakfast. Our party voted for a country farmhouse vacation rental. We loved the privacy of the place and the ability to BBQ on the beautiful backyard patio. Plus, we were right in the midst of the wineries—get any better than that?

Paso 2

  • Explore Above and Beyond: Depending on how long your trip is, you may want to consider activities beyond wine-tasting. We did a lovely day trip to nearby Cambria, but there are plenty of other cities within an hour’s drive, including Morro Bay, Cayucos and San Luis Obispo, where you can hike, enjoy the coastal scenery and explore city streets.

Paso 3

  • Pass the Olive Oil: So sure Paso is all about the wine, but consider trying out a local olive oil tasting. In between wineries, we stopped at Pasolivo which is tucked away on the East side of Paso Robles, and boy was it an experience! You begin by putting together a small plate of spices and finishing salts and then you walk through a buffet of different oils. They are delicious, and it’s a nice way to break up a wine-tasting afternoon.

Paso 4

  • East vs. West: So I couldn’t finish this post without talking wine, right? We learned that the winery locations are often times described based on their proximity to Highway 46. Our rental was located on “West 46” so it made winery tours quite convenient. We also did a day trip to the “East 46” wineries, and would recommend both areas.

Paso 6

Overall, I would highly recommend a stop in Paso Robles—whether it’s just for a quick bite to eat on your way somewhere else, or if you’re looking for a fun weekend destination. The city has plenty to offer beyond fabulous wines!

This post is part of on ongoing series. Please check out our full list of TK Destinations posts.

Brown Bag Donation Challenge: A Tale of Too Many Shoes!

In this day and age, we are constantly accumulating new things—clothing and shoes, the next best thing in technology, and that ‘had-to-have’ decorative household item. So to avoid having a household full of items that I no longer use, I’m always on the look out for items that I can donate, recycle or throw away.

This week’s focus has been on the first of the three—donations and specifically, the shoe category. While I’m generally good about earmarking clothing for donating, I realized (after sifting through the three shoe baskets we have in our home and my closet) that I rarely find the time to go through my shoes.

Shoe Bin 1

I decided to challenge myself to try to narrow down my collection. Would it be possible to fill a brown grocery bag with one purge?

Brown Bag 1

After a relatively short bit of time, I realized that this challenge was going to be a lot easier than I had expected (and no that’s not because I filled my bag with boots!).

The Shoe That Never Really Fit: Chances are you have this type of shoe in your closet. It’s the one that caught your eye in the store, but in all honesty it never really quite fit. You got it home, and wore it around the house and for a few outdoor outings in the hopes that you’ll “wear it down” to comfort. Unfortunately, this rarely ends up happening, and so after a trial period, it’s likely time to pass it on.

Shoe Bin 2

For me, this was this adorable gold and white summer loafer. I purchased it last summer and sadly, it just never quite fit. I held onto it hoping that somehow it would morph into a new (and more comfortable, I may add) shoe…but alas not.

The Shoe/Flip Flop That You Have Too Many Of: If you live in California, you could likely fill a dedicated container with flip flops. A fun Haviana is a completely different look from your sturdy Rainbow. Flip flops come in all kinds of colors and materials, but it’s likely that most California shoe racks could shed a few flips.

Shoe Bin 3

I was able to locate two pairs (from the multitude that I have) that I haven’t worn in ages. They were still in great shape and fit for the donation bag.

The Shoe You’re Saving for a Rainy Day: Ever have that conversation with yourself of: “Well maybe I’d wear it if I was….” Maybe it’s a shoe that has lost its luster or is starting to show signs of wear. However, you love it so much that you aren’t willing to part with it, but rather would prefer to retire it gradually.

Shoe Bin 4

For me, this most often comes in the form of my athletic shoes. When a shoe starts wearing down, I keep it on the shelf in my office or in the trunk of my car…just in case I need to pull them out. While it’s good to keep a pair (or maybe two) as a back-up for a mud run, that’s about all you need.

The Shoe That Was a One Hit Wonder: This shoe is the one that was purchased for a singular purpose. Maybe it was a wedding that you were in where the bride wanted all the bridesmaids to have matching kicks or maybe you were involved in an activity that requires certain footwear.

Shoe Bin 5

For me, this was my beloved indoor cycling shoes. Last year, I got really involved in a spin/indoor cycling studio and ended up purchasing special Shimano shoes. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find a new local studio and have thus moved on to other fitness activities, but I’m hoping they will get some good use with someone else.

Bottom line – challenge accepted and prevailed! After a little self-talk, I was able to narrow my show racks down a bit, and came away with a full bag of kicks that I hope will find better use with someone else.

Shoe Bin 6

Do you have a certain “shoe strategy” that helps you narrow down your closet? If so, we’d love to hear!

Summer Workout Clothing Steals

For me, the biggest priority when it comes to selecting workout clothes is ensuring I have plenty of pieces. On average (not every week), I try to work out at least five days a week. Now I’m not saying each of those workouts are “sweat-driven-air-sucking-do-or-die” workouts, but I do try to stay fairly active. Due to the frequency of my workout routines (and until the last year, communal laundry facilities), I have always had the need to keep a full stock of workout clothes in my closet. I figured there are plenty of distractions that I have to fight to get outside and workout, but not having a clean set of clothes, shouldn’t be one of those distractions.

In my post-college years, high-end designer activeware giants like Lululemon and Lucy were becoming quite popular. Unfortunately for me, my 20-something salary really couldn’t afford one pair of $100 workout pants, let alone five! As a result, I started having to look for thriftier ways to find some of my workout staples.

Now that I have bridged over to the third decade of my life, my workout budget has expanded a bit, and yet, I’ve realized that there are a few key workout pieces that I wouldn’t rotate out.

Here are some of my budget-friendly staples:

  • Forever 21’s Basic Cami ($1.90) – That’s right you read it correctly, weighing in at just under two dollars is one of the core pieces of my workout drawer. Here’s why. First, this cami is extremely light-weight, and despite it’s cotton/spandex composition, it’s quite breathable. It also comes in about every color in the rainbow.

Workout Clothes 1

What I Wear it For? This is a major go-to for me when it comes to outdoor warm-weather activities–the style counterbalances the tan lines that I receive from a traditional racerback top. I also love using this as a layering piece for cold-weather activities.

Purchase Tip: I actually tend to purchase two sizes of this top. I buy up by two sizes when it comes to a running top. I like the extra space and prefer a baggier top. I buy up by one size when it comes to a top for indoor activities like a core workout or a yoga class.

  • Walmart’s Danskin Now Women’s Tank ($6.86) – I actually learned about this tank on a whim. Prior to our big trek up Mt. Whitney, we were loading up on some hike supplies at the local Walmart and I came across this top by the checkout counter. I didn’t even try it on. It’s such a comfortable top and has the dry-wicking composition which is essential for a sweaty workout.

Workout Clothes 2

What I Wear it For? This is by far my go-to top when it comes to a majorly sweaty activity. It truly dries quickly and has a form-fitting style, without being too tight.

Purchase Tip: Not near a Walmart? Consider buying this top online. At just under $7 it’s worth the gamble!

  • Old Navy’s 3” Running Short ($15.00) – I have several pairs of these running shorts and really love them. They’re a great length for my petite frame (a bit taller? Consider the 3.5” length) and come in a variety of colors. The fabric is also breathable and dries quickly, and let’s be honest we all live fairly close to an Old Navy.

Workout Clothes 3

What I Wear it For? These are my primary running shorts for the Spring and Summer. I also find them really comfortable for hiking and other outdoors sports.

Purchase Tip: Old Navy always has good sales, so take advantage of that extra percentage off and stock up.

  • Costco’s Addidas Ladies Three-Quarter Tight ($16.99) – These tights are one of my favorite workout staples because they combine the quality of the Addidas brand with the budget-friendly Costco price.

Workout Clothes 4

What I Wear It For? I love these tights when it comes to an early-morning run when the weather is still a bit crisp. I also plan to wear them as layer-paint on an upcoming high-altitude hike that I’m doing in a few weeks.

Purchase Tip: Costco can be tough since you really don’t have anywhere to try the pants on. Consider doing your best to guess your size and rest assured that Costco remains EXCELLENT when it comes to hassle-free returns.

Despite being completely open to saving a buck or two on some of my workout clothes, there are some fitness items that I am less comfortable purchasing at a budget price. Stayed tuned, as I plan to share those items in he future.

When it comes to workout clothes, everyone has their own style. Some people prefer less items but from higher-end designers. The most important consideration is if your workout clothes match your workout style and personal budget.

Do you have a budget-friendly workout staple? If so, we’d love for you to share!